Proudly South African Sleepwear

Hometime Sleepwear

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wed, Jul 21

I’ve been looking into proudly South African sleepwear and slow fashion for a while now. As I have also recently started decluttering my wardrobe, I’ve been focusing on buying clothing items that not only feel and fit well, but items that also have a limited impact on the environment. In addition to that, I also prefer to support local, which is why I was so happy to come across these brands while searching for the perfect set of sleepwear.

Adore Couture SA

The proudly South African Adore Couture SA offers pure luxury with some of their items having been featured in Vogue! Their ruffle robe that forms part of their latest neutrals collection has me in awe. They also have a lovely, trendy leopard print collection.

Adore Couture Ruffle Robe
Adore Couture SA Ruffle Robe. Image: Supplied

The Sleep Collective

This brand‘s sleepwear is luxurious and comfortable at the same time. Their silk kimono and shorts are made from 70% silk and 30% cotton. Both cotton and silk are thermo-regulators, which means it helps regulate your body temperature no matter the season. Individually hand-cut and sewn in Cape Town, these PJs are proudly South African sleepwear sets worth investing in. The Sleep Collective also boasts some lovely eye masks and hemp or silk lavender eye pillows that could benefit your attempts to relax, assist in meditation and help you to fall asleep.

Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Anna Downes says that her brand, Anna-Louise Sleepwear makes use of wood-based fibre called Rayon which has a luxurious drape similar to that of silk, while being soft and breathable like cotton.

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Anna-Louise Sleepwear. Image: Supplied

Hometime Sleepwear

Hometime Sleepwear is another brand to keep in mind when you are looking for more luxurious, slow fashion sleepwear that has been made in South Africa. The brand boasts an array of options to choose from with satin and rayon sleepwear with some of the most beautiful prints.

In addition to the classic sleepwear sets, Hometime Sleepwear also sells luxurious 3/4 sleepwear sets, their so-called Chinese Collar Nighties, boxer shorts, Strappy Sets, gowns and more.

While their fabrics are sourced locally and also imported, all their sleepwear is made in Kwazulu-Natal.

Hometime Sleepwear
Hometime Sleepwear is made in KZN. Image: Supplied

ONE Boutique Store

ONE Boutique Store boasts a variety of sleepwear options for him and her, with satin and cotton being the main fabrics. Their locally made, luxurious sleepwear can be bought online and they often have limited editions like the recent Marigold Satin Sleep Set, pledged to Love Howick and The KZN Rebuild.


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