How to get your wardrobe ready for Autumn/Winter 2021

autumn winter 2021 wardrobe

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Apr 09

The wardrobe transition from Spring and Summer to Autumn/Winter 2021 could have come as a surprise, as there has been so many other things going on! Still, a smooth wardrobe transition is what we all crave, isn’t it? No one wants items in their closet that has the phrase ‘so last season’ attached to it. So, here are some tips and must-know trends to keep in mind as you transition into a new fashion season.

Oversized is underrated

The new loungewear seems to lean toward flowy trousers, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits. This Athflow trend follows the recent athleisure trend, with a hint of elegance, seeing that most of us are still working from home. It’s the perfect solution for one outfit that is suitable for everything – from the office chair for a Zoom meeting, to the sofa for some Netflix series, to the yoga mat for that well-deserved and much-needed sleep yoga. Monochromatic two-pieces are also at the order of the day.

Cocooning is in

We always talk about layering in autumn and winter, as it is always great to be able to take it off when things get hot. 😉 Seems that blankets are the latest fashion statement when it comes to layering. Turn to shawls, puffer jackets and slouchy socks this season and you’ll definitely be on point when it comes to fashion. Don’t you think cosy comfort should be part of every season in any case? Also, while you’re planning your Pinterest-worthy wardrobe, consider adding quilted clothes and cocoon-type cardigans to the mix.

Sweater Vests

Ideal for a transitional wardrobe, sweater vests are a must this season and if you’ve got some fashion sense, you’ll know that they can go with pretty much anything from jeans to dresses. Also, keep in mind that this season, oversized is king, so the looser the fit, the better.

Monochromatic, naturally

Keeping to natural colours this season will be the wise thing to do (which is also ideal, because that will make fitting different items together much easier). Also, the monochromatic style is a very big trend for Autumn/Winter 2021, offering you the opportunity to appear taller and thinner at the same time. 😉


Speaking of layering, another item to add to your wardrobe this season is a romantic collar. These work well with knitwear or layered over dresses and will add some nostalgic aesthetics and some feminine lines to your wardrobe this season.

Personalise your style

Considering the slow fashion trend that is gaining momentum (which I love), Gen Z is ahead of the game when it comes to making fashion their own by upcycling fashion items and wearing DYI items with pride. From custom hoodies and DIY tote bags to sweatshirt embroidery and painted denims, there is no end to the creativity a combo of lockdown and Gen Z can bring about. Ride the wave and be creative with your fashion sense this season.

A touch of lux

For that luxurious look, add a bit of sequin sparkle or even a bit of velvet to your outfits this season. Tiger prints are also a must for your winter wardrobe, so when you come across something that will suit your style (and your budget), I say buy it! It’s bold and it’s the ideal stand-out garment for your transitional wardrobe. Winter is also the perfect season for some leathery details. Add some leather or faux leather to your wardrobe in the form of pants, jackets or coats or opt for a bold leather dress or skirt.

Suit up

For those rare occasions where you get to dress up and go out for a meeting, I say suit up! If you’re a fashion lover like I am, these moments in time where we get to wear more than just a work-from-home outfit, are moments to savour. So, invest in a skirt suit (and if it has large, bold pockets, all the better) and arrive in style. It is the perfect combination of power and femininity, so own it.

Make masks work

Masks are definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future and therefore it’s a must for your wardrobe too. I recently came across the perfect mask for any and every occasion. MILKANDHONEY‘s Daisy Mask blends in with any outfit and its soft shimmer ads a bit of glam to your look. It’s quite comfortable too, might I add, and it’s reusable, which ties in well with the slow fashion trend I mentioned earlier.

Which one of these Autumn/Winter 2021 fashion trends is your favourite? I vouch for cocooning this winter, definitely. Happy wardrobe planning!


Photography: Hanneri De Wet Photography | Makeup and Hair: EVE Image, Makeup & Hair | Wardrobe: MILKANDHONEY and Mr Price


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