Discover a new era of wine tasting at Blaauwklippen

Blaauwklippen Tasting House

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Jul 12

Blaauwklippen might be one of the oldest wine farms in the Stellenbosch region, but when it comes to keeping up with the times, they’re at the forefront. In fact, they’ve taken the liberty of tweaking tradition, coming up with a different take on the all-too familiar, single-space tasting room. It allows you to travel through time and explore the farm’s history as you taste their wines and pair it with mostly savoury complements. It’s a sensory experience of note.

From July 2023, you can enjoy seasonal wine pairings in Blaauwklippen’s tasting house, perfectly harmonised by winemaker, Narina Cloete and the new chefs from Cucina di Giovanni. Pairings from the avant-garde wine and food pairing menu include a pizza pairing, Meze pairing and a vegetarian pairing. They also cater for the sweet tooth with a red wine and fudge pairing or a wine and chocolate pairing. Furthermore, the tasting house offers small plate meals too for those perfect, leisurely wine farm moments.


Tasting House options

While you’re there, also be sure to pay the Blaauwklippen art gallery, IS Art – which forms part of the Tasting House – a visit. Ilse Schemers-Griesel’s discerning eye and unparalleled expertise are evident in the carefully curated exhibitions in the gallery. As a matter of fact, she has been involved in the art community – both locally and internationally – for more than thirty years and she is an illustrious curator, art historian and proprietor.

Art experience at Blaauwklippen art gallery

Whether you visit Blaauwklippen for its rich history, its brilliant wines and perfectly paired cuisine, or the art collections adorning the walls in the new Tasting House, it’s a must. In fact, it’s the perfect outing for history lovers, foodies and art fans alike.

The Tasting House is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 and you can contact them for more information on or 021 880 0133.


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