5 Trendy ways to style your chunky boots

Freequency Footwear boots

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Jun 24

Many of us are still on the fence when it comes to chunky boot fashion. Yet, when you style it the right way, you might just turn heads. I’ve collaborated with Freequency Footwear to bring you some winter footwear styling tips. From short skirts to leather pants, here are five trendy ways to style your chunky boots and feel fabulous at the same time:

Get cosy in trench coats and chunky boots

Trench coats and chunky boots go hand in hand. It’s as if they were made for each other and it’s perfect for rainy weather. Also, seeing that a trench coat is a key staple item in your wardrobe, it’s a match made in heaven.

Trench coat and chunky boots
Chunky boots with trench coat

This trench coat is from MILKANDHONEY and works well with either black or beige boots. While these Freequency Footwear boots were of the longer kind, the coat could also work with chunky ankle boots, or knee-high boots.


Bulky and bold

This look is for those days when you feel like taking on the world. It’s sexy, yet comfy and says “look at me” without screaming it. And, the leather pants gives it the elegant edge it needs. In addition to that, the cool green detail on these boots keeps it informal, even though it’s still a stylish look.

Feeling fabulous in Freequency Footwear chunky boots
Leather pants and chunky boots
Bulky and bold with Freequency Footwear

The bulky jacket and leather pants are both available at MILKANDHONEY.

Do denim

Whether it’s a blue, white or green denim jacket, it will always work with chunky boots. These super chunky boots from Freequency Footwear are not only incredibly comfortable, but they make MILKANDHONEY’s denim jacket look daring and dressy at the same time. I feel a bit of a biker vibe with this look, which certainly awakens the wanderlust inside. Let’s go travelling!

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Chunky boots from Freequency Footwear
Denim leather and Freequency Footwear

Checkered and chunkies

These same chunky boots’ can even double up as part of your winter work attire. Doesn’t it look chic with this checkered MILKANDHONEY jacket? With its shoelace and chain detail, these boots can easily appear a little busy, but once you pair them with the right outfit, you wouldn’t want to wear anything else. Trust me.

Chunky and check
Checkered jacket with chunky boots

Classic chunky boots

If you’re a late bloomer when it comes to fashion trends, these classic chunky boots might be the perfect fit. With merely some folded detail on the side and a zip at the back, these not-too-chunky-soled boots work well with almost anything. I styled it with a mid-length leopard print dress and a long dress with a rather busy print to bring some contrast. In the end, I think it worked wonderfully. Of course, a pair of black tights and a checkered mini skirt could also work well.

Dress to impress
Long dress

I’m curious… Which look is your favourite?

P.S. Remember that if you buy from Freequency Footwear, you can get 15% discount if you use the discount code, SUITCASEANDCHARDONNAY. I’m pretty sure these boots will be with us for a while, so go ahead and get yourself a pair! They have a variety of quality choices. Freequency Footwear has stores in Sandton and Pretoria.


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