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Proud Mary The Bank

By Renate Engelbrecht

Fri, Mar 12

Proud Mary, a new eatery at The Bank in Rosebank, is clearly the talk of the town as both locals and visitors flock to explore her gallant interiors and easy, yet elegant dining options. She’s stylish, but humble – the kind of eatery discerning Jozi diners would undoubtedly find inviting.

It was over lunchtime that I found myself seated under a roof of hanging plants and umbrellas, covering the outdoor seating area of the recently opened Proud Mary restaurant. Three men across from me appeared to be having a meeting over coffee, which then became lunch and behind me a group of journalists were blabbering about the challenges of the industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As I looked up, all I could see was the elegance of Mary and I thought: You have the right to be proud, Mary.


Proud Mary has been around for just about four weeks now. She forms part of the newly developed co-working space, Workshop 17 The Bank, in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It’s a mere minute’s walk from the Rosebank Gautrain station and right next to the popular Rosebank Mall, which makes it all the more convenient. The Bank offers day and evening event options, with Proud Mary completing its initial idea of including a café and work bar setup on the first floor. In addition, you’ll also find private offices, meeting rooms, members’ lounges and even the Voco Hotel at this Manhattan-style building. Growing and evolving with the times, Workshop 17 has secured a space for companies that want to downscale to partial remote work with some employees that might need workspace during the week and why not offer them a proper eatery at the same time?

Proud Mary‘s menu includes an array of dining options, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner and the restaurant’s wine and cocktail menu certainly is something to write home about. I indulged in the Prawn Fishcakes – a favourite among patrons (with good reason) and truly the ideal lunch option if you’re looking for something with substance that won’t weigh you down. I coupled it with a glass of Gabriëlskloof‘s 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, which complemented the dish perfectly. I loved how the wine list allowed ample choices for wine by the glass, ranging from a Bosman Generation 8 2020 Chenin Blanc at R49 per glass to a Keermont 2017 Merlot at R145 per glass.

Other menu options include unique dishes like an Oyster Box or Marinated Octopus from the Seafood Raw Bar, Falafel & Tabbouleh Salad (ideal for Vegan diners), Tomahawk and even Mary’s Seafood Platter, a must for any special occasion. Of course, the desserts are also worth mentioning, with the likes of Crème Brûlée Cheesecake and Boozy Bon Bons being but two of the delectable options to choose from.

I believe Proud Mary – a grand dame that has elegantly twirled herself into our midst – is not here for just a visit. She is is here to stay and has definitely been welcomed with open arms. The Bank has been graced with her presence and whether you are a Workshop 17 member, a visitor passing by the Proud Coffee window or a curious diner, this new Rosebank eatery is worth sauntering into. Even if it is just to swoon over the royal blue and rusty orange velvet chairs and the golden mesh and tile details.

Check out their menu HERE.




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