Surprise someone with a Mystery Plant Box Surprise

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Dec 09

Don’t you just love the feeling of a new plant in your home? That pink orchid in the corner or the ‘Skoonma se Tong’ in that beautiful pot you just couldn’t resist. How about a mystery plant box every month? Knock-knock… SURPRISE!

Lockdown has brought about some interesting and exciting new hobbies for many. It has also seen many people reinvest in old hobbies and other people took advantage of the surge in online shopping and created online businesses from their hobbies. Saffron de la Rouviere (can we just appreciate her name for a moment) is a plant-crazed Capetonian who certainly tapped into that surge, even before lockdown. The fact that plants have so many health benefits – especially in challenging times where we need to look after our mental health – also undoubtedly played a role in the launch of her business, Saffron’s Garden, in 2019. The whole purpose of starting the business, was to grow a national community of house plant lovers. It is a monthly mystery plant box subscription with hundreds of members across South Africa. You’ll never know what you’re getting until it gets delivered to your door, but the boxes come with a plant you’ll adore and some additional related gifts.

Plants make people happy and everyone loves a surprise, which makes the mystery boxes such a great product.

– Saffron de la Rouviere

Did you know?

  • Plants reduce stress and fatigue
  • Plants can boost concentration (I think I might have to subscribe for a monthly mystery plant box)
  • Plants can boost productivity
  • Plants can boost your mood
  • Plants assist in cleaning indoor air by absorbing toxins
  • Plants increase humidity and produces oxygen

Being completely plant-obsessed, Saffron has over 400 plants covering her entire house and Fridays she has a dance-off with her plants! Yup, she dances with her plants to make them happy and then she shares the videos with her Instagram community (which obviously makes them happy too)! Her account (@saffronsgarden) has grown into a beautiful community of plant lovers and is the biggest driver of new mystery box members.

What was initially just a personal passion for plants has become a key to the future of the house plant industry. Saffron has figured out how to safely deliver plants across the country, which means that the buying market for house plants have already been broadened and this will in turn support more plant growers and small businesses that create products for the industry.

You can subscribe for a monthly mystery plant box at R450 per month. With this, you’ll receive a surprise package with way more value than what you pay for, every month. It’s also such a brilliant gift option for the festive season, don’t you think?

Go sign up HERE and then go ahead and do a happy plant dance!



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