My Skin Gym Journey with LifeLAB

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Sep 16

After too little sunblock and two pregnancies, hyperpigmentation was one of my biggest skin frustrations and – I must admit – I became a little self-conscious. It is now ten weeks after my first appointment with LifeLAB’s Dr. Juanri Jonck. Here is my journey and the result, including some before and after shots.

Before I had been introduced to the inspiring and caring team at LifeLAB, I had hyperpigmentation on my forehead and around my right cheekbone. This was partly due to sun damage, but also due to my two pregnancies. On the day that I met Dr. Jonck, she immediately claimed that she can easily improve my hyperpigmentation and she sure did!

Why skin gym?

It restructures your skin and teaches your skin to regenerate itself. Skin gym tackles ageing, hyperpigmentation and certain skin problems like pimples and a grainy texture.

Why does it take so long?

It is important to remove the epidermis to reach the problem areas of your skin. Your skin takes up to 60 days to regenerate, so the skin gym allows for as long as possible to rectify underlying pigmentation and lines.

What happens after the initial 6 weeks of the skin gym?

The initial skin gym treatment is followed by a chemical peel and, in my case, another 4 weeks of active ingredients which did that last bit of magic. A new, thinner epidermis makes space for a thicker dermis which is responsible for elasticity and the prevention of sagging.

How can you hide the exfoliated skin?

You must never pull off or scratch the peeling skin. The best option is to apply a good sunblock or BB cream regularly. A BB cream at least gives it some coverage with an antioxidant treatment. LifeLAB suggests Dermaceutic’s Derma Defence Cream.

Is makeup allowed during the treatment?

Sure! The secret lies in using something that’s not too thick or dense on your skin, as the skin that peels off is too visible then. A light, fluid base is easy to apply and creates the best appearance.

Why can the skin gym only be done twice a year?

It consists of 3 active schedule 3 medicinal creams and like with any prescription medication, it can have negative effects if it is not used correctly. The skin gym is limited to protect patients from negative effects and to allow for optimal results.

What are the different creams responsible for during the initial skin gym treatment?

The morning cream exfoliates the skin and actively works on hyperpigmentation. The night cream stimulates new skin generation, it reduces inflammation and it also tackles hyperpigmentation.

How should you treat your skin after the skin gym?

LifeLAB suggests that you don’t use moisturisers again as that thickens the epidermis and prevents the skin from self-exfoliating. Dr. Juanri Jonck says a product like Dermal Health’s Renewal Face Wash and morning and evening serums work very well.

Which products can you use in combination with your skin gym creams?

Pure® (proudly South African) produces wonderful products with no harmful ingredients. Dr. Jonck suggests their glycerine soap as cleanser and I also used their Infant Nappy Cream as gentle moisturiser. You can also buy Ludwich Roses’ rose water as a toner. There are numerous good-quality sunblock products out there, but LifeLAB’s favourites include Heliocare, Dermaceutic’s Sunceutic or Dermal Health’s SPF.

If you would like to know more or if you’d like to try the skin gym for yourself, contact LifeLAB for more information on 084 965 4444. Remember to use Suitcase & Chardonnay as reference. 😊



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