Review: Jemima’s Restaurant, Oudtshoorn

Jemima's Restaurant

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Feb 14

It was our first stop in Oudtshoorn. We had just left the kids with their grandparents and escaped parenthood for a short two days. The aim: To spend as much time together as just the two of us. We’ve been married for nearly eight years and the opportunities we get to spend time together as a couple are somehow becoming fewer and fewer. So, Jemima’s Restaurant was where we were to kick off our two days of bliss, which is exactly what it was – blissful.

Jemima’s Restaurant is in the main road of town, with a beautiful entrance that leads you into a magical, old house, across a cool terrace and into a lovely courtyard. It wasn’t very busy when we arrived, but as time went by, both locals and visitors to town came strolling in – some with babies, others with pets. It was clear that the atmosphere instantly calmed the senses of everyone, including us.

We sat in our little love corner of two and people watched while indulging in a recent favourite – Eikendal Vineyards’ 2023 Janina Unwooded Chardonnay – a wine I was very happy to see on the wine list. Various artworks adorned the walls of the restaurant – some stranger than others – and there was a vintage feel that was subtly pulled through the premises like a golden string, evidently stirring up nostalgia.


The food was beautifully presented. I opted for the Pork Belly (a guilty pleasure) and Wikus picked the Ravioli – a delightfully rich pasta that I would easily return for. The Pork Belly was accompanied by cranberries and a freshly prepared carrot salad.

Jemima’s Restaurant’s tranquil setting saw us lingering for much longer than planned. It’s the perfect spot for a lazy lunch and the terrace offers ample shade for diners to hide from the Klein Karoo’s characteristically warm summer days.

Between Jemima and Eikendal’s Janina, we were certainly well looked after. Jemima’s is a restaurant I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Oudtshoorn.


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