How to transform your style to Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury trend transform your style

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Jul 06

In an ever-changing world, it’s hard to keep track of fashion trends and styles. One day, high rise skinny jeans are all the rave and the next, they’ve made way for patchwork jeans and boot-cut flares. It’s a never-ending struggle to keep your wardrobe on par with what’s hip and happening on the runway. But, there’s one trend to pay attention to this year, and that is Quiet Luxury, aka Stealth Wealth or put simply: Subtle Chic.

Quiet Luxury is a trend that might linger for longer than anticipated, since it covers a lot of classics in your wardrobe if you’re clever about it. Vogue’s Laura Jackson and Joy Montgomery say that the more low-key approach to luxury is the one aesthetic to pin down this year. It’s a trend that is bound to stand the test of time.

Brands that do this fashion trend true justice, include Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Max Mara, The Row, Jill Sander, Margaret Howell, by Malene Birger and Loro Piana. Brands readily available in South Africa that lean toward this trend include Brunello Cucinelli, Country Road, Zara and UNI FORM by Luke Radloff.

The surprising thing about the Quiet Luxury trend is that it is everything but what you might expect from the term luxury. It brings subtle tones, minimalism and elegance to the forefront. In fact, many even refer to it as an ‘old money’ trend, featuring investment pieces made of high-quality materials that look expensive, but don’t flaunt fashion brands with distinct, disruptive logos.

The question is, how can you transform your wardrobe into one of Quiet Luxury? Also, if you don’t have that ‘old money’ to invest in Quiet Luxury pieces, how can you still create the look and fool the eye with clothes that appear pricey?

The colour palette for Quiet Luxury

Subtle colours are the number one rule of creating that subtle chic look when it comes to Quiet Luxury. Go neutral and opt for nudes like grey, white, tan and even black. This will not only give your capsule wardrobe versatility, but it will also create timeless elegance.

Quiet Luxury fashion trend 2023
Image: Estilo Creative. Wool and Silk Dress: Forever New.


Look elegant in a blazer

A tailored blazer is a must for your Quiet Luxury wardrobe. Be sure to look for quality fabrics, though, as well as tailored cuts that fit well across your shoulders and nip in gently at the waist. If you’d like to make it even more special and elevate it even further, switch the buttons for some more expensive looking ones. Fabrics that work well for blazers include wool or wool blend varieties.

Tailored to the tee

Like with blazers, pants and skirts are also ideally tailored for the Quiet Luxury trend. It’s all about fabrication and quality cuts. Wool, silk and leather are some of the fabrics that will instantly give you that ‘old money’ look and feel and if you happen to buy a less expensive piece that is not tailored, consider asking a local tailor to help give your pieces that ‘made-to-measure’ finish.

Stealth wealth quiet luxury trend
Image: Estilo Creative. Wool and silk dress: Forever New. Shoes: Mr Price.

Stealth wealth style

There are certain style elements that will always form part of the Quiet Luxury trend. These include nautical stripes, cozy knits and warm-weather ready linen pieces.

Wool knits for quiet luxury fashion trend
Image: Estilo Creative. Knit: Poetry Stores.

From directional wide leg pants to slim fits, choose items that will hold the ensemble together and elude the appearance of wealth. The secret, when it comes to the style elements of this trend, is to buy items that don’t necessarily fit in with the fashion trends of the season, but rather fit under the classic pieces that you can wear again and again. Skip the trends and opt for something timeless. Especially when it comes to outerwear like coats and jackets.

Quiet Luxury
Image: Hanneri de Wet Photography. Coat and handbag: Milk and Honey Clothing.

No boldness when it comes to Quiet Luxury

The Quiet Luxury trend is all about flattering, timeless styles without bright, bold logos indicating a strong bank balance. In fact, it’s only bold in its simplicity, its elegance and its pure panache. Even the suggested accessories for this trend are chosen with caution. Small, round earring studs, leather bags with minimal detail and elegant tennis bracelets are but some of the trend options here and are versatile options since it works with pretty much any outfit.


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