Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Eco friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

By Renate Engelbrecht

Mon, Nov 29

I’ve recently come across a couple of really beautiful Christmas gift wrapping ideas – from Christmas stockings to the most beautiful bags and boxes.

Christmas Jute Sack

The exclusive locally and ethnically sourced, sustainable and reusable Christmas Jute Sacks from The Christmas Company are not only a clever buy, but will also bring some Christmas cheer. These Santa Sacks are made from the Jute plant, they are biodegradable, proudly local and they are personlised, which makes it super special.

Christmas Jute Sacks
Christmas Jute Sacks from the Christmas Company. Image: Supplied

These reusable sacks come in a standard size of 80cm by 53cm and are ideal for gifts of almost any shape and size.

Baskiti’s Christmas gift wrapping

If you’re one for a simplistic Christmas, Baskiti’s reusable and handmade, custom-embroidered Christmas stockings might just be what you need to complete your living room’s Christmas look. It’s chic and sophisticated and allows for that extra special touch.

Brown bags are brilliant

You’d be surprised at how beautiful brown paper bags can be once you add a little lace and a pretty piece of ribbon. Be creative and make Christmas gift wrapping a fun family to-do this holiday.

Brown paper bags for Christmas gifts
Brown paper bags for Christmas gifts. Image: Unsplash

Delivery boxes go a long way

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been saving the card box delivery boxes (those that weren’t dented) to use for the wrapping of Christmas gifts. Although Mr Price home has some lovely, brand-new designer-inspired gift boxes that you can buy, these card boxes also make beautiful gifts that are not only super cheap and unique, but also eco-friendly. The same goes for the tissue paper and other kinds of packing paper that often comes with your deliveries.

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Au natural Christmas gift wrapping

Glistening green plastic bows and flashy red ribbons might be tempting, but have you seen how beautiful simple, natural festive touches on a gift that has been plainly wrapped with brown paper can be? You can even bring in the kids to help with some additional crafty decorations (like creating their own gift-wrapping paper with brown paper and potato stamps).

Natural Christmas gift decorations
Natural Christmas gift decorations. Image: Unsplash

Get rid of the ribbons

If you’re keen on really going all green this Christmas, don’t let the shops’ colourful, festive ribbons fool you. You can make your own ribbons from old clothes and let your gifts look just as crafty and special. Of course, you can also use twines and ropes that are made from hemp, organic cotton or other natural fibres which makes it compostable, but also reusable year after year.

Eco-friendly ribbon
Eco-friendly ribbon. Image: Unsplash


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