Catch the Captivating Sunrise with Cape Cadogan

Cape Cadogan Sunrise Experience Cape Town

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Jun 06

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, the MORE Family Collection’s Cape Cadogan boutique hotel is a haven of elegance and luxury. It promises an unforgettable experience for travellers seeking not only a warm welcome to the Mother City, but also a unique take on a Cape Town sunrises and sunsets.

Sunrise experience Cape Cadogan

During our recent visit to Cape Town, Wikus and I were spoiled to a sunrise experience of note, with a short early-morning trip to Signal Hill. As the dawn broke over the majestic Table Mountain and the city and the harbour’s lights could still be seen in the distance, Cape Cadogan offered us a unique vantage point to witness nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle. While sunsets are often the popular choice for many, we were surprised at how beautiful and peaceful it was to witness the sun rise over Cape Town.

Sunrise over Cape Town harbour


As the morning light slowly but surely lit up the city, we also became aware of the gentle melody of birdsong and the soft embrace of the warmer air. The wind gently whisked over velvety grass as we patiently waited for the sun to wake up the city. This all while indulging in some delightful treats and hot chocolate, elegantly packed into a Cape Cadogan picnic basket.

Once the sun started showing its first glimpses of gold, the panorama in front of us kept changing in colour and the silhouette of Table Mountain suddenly turned into a colourful painting. From the comfort of an elegant camping chair (and later from inside the Merc when it got nippy), we soaked in the awe-inspiring sight as the sun slowly ascended. It cast its golden rays across the cityscape, creating a visual symphony with ever-changing hues.

Table Mountain at sunrise from Signal Hill

This is but one of Cape Cadogan’s personalised experiences on offer. It then gets elevated even further with breakfast (or dinner, if you opt for the sunset experience) at Upper Union next door once you arrive back from Signal Hill.

Upper Union

We returned to a gourmet breakfast meticulously prepared by Chef Amori Burger and her team. This was of course coupled with freshly brewed coffee (which could just as well have been a glass of bubbly had we requested it). In that moment, we simply surrendered to the tranquility of the restaurant and hotel’s delightful adjoining garden, looking all dazzling in Cape Town’s morning glow.

Cape Cadogan Upper Union Cape Town
Breakfast Upper Union Cape Cadogan

Cape Cadogan’s sunrise experience offers a rare opportunity to witness the city in its most enchanting light. The serenity of the morning, the breath-taking vistas and the luxurious ambiance of the hotel, the transport and the restaurant combine to create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography aficionado or simply just someone looking for a peaceful moment of reflection, Cape Cadogan’s sunrise experience is the ultimate way to start your day.

MORE Family Collection Cape Cadogan Sunrise Experience

We were delighted to have Cape Town and Cape Cadogan mesmerise us with the harmonious dance of nature as we awoke to a new day in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.


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