3 Books to read to feel financially empowered

books to read to feel financially empowered

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Sep 18

The way I grew up was a traditional Afrikaans way, and perhaps a little conservative. While I see nothing wrong with keeping to traditions and being conservative, there are certain mindsets from the 90s and the early 2000s that don’t necessarily gel with the world we live in now. One thing is certain: Our schooling system lacked financial education and that it probably one of the main reasons why I don’t necessarily always feel financially empowered.

As I grew up, casual chats about money and finances were never a thing. In fact, our parents mostly spoke about our family’s monthly budget when the kids were not around. Perhaps not on purpose – maybe it just worked out that way. Or, perhaps that is how they grew up and somehow, it was just the norm not to speak about things like money in front of children.

Today, with the internet bombarding us with all kinds of budget-wise solutions and articles on how to become a billionaire, it’s different. We’re different. In Grade 10, I could barely do a balance sheet. Today, I read an article and voila, I’ve learned a new skill. Okay, maybe it’s not that easy, but you catch my drift. We’re much more informed about money, planning your finances, budgeting and saving and as we live life, we continue to learn. Perhaps that’s just it. Back then, we weren’t all that curious, because we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Now, we know what we don’t know and we make a plan to learn.

One way I find I learn best, is by reading. Of course, after reading, I need to implement what I learned, which is the scary part, because the perfectionist in me knows I will still make mistakes. Yet, we learn from them and then we try again.

Three books that I can recommend to South African readers to feel financially empowered, include: Word Ryk, Bly Ryk by the two Botha brothers, PJ and Geo; The Billionaire Mindset by Daniel Strauss; and God & Geld by Wilco Naumann.

books to read feel financially empowered

Word Ryk, Bly Ryk (Get rich, stay rich)

This book shows the reader how to manage money well, but it also highlights the fact that there is much more to money (and life) than counting cents. The book is a rather easy read, perfect for families who want to feel financially empowered and who want to change the norm by planning their finances together. It’s a book I have yet to come across in the world of wanting to create wealth, especially considering the fact that the authors encourage fathers and sons and moms and daughters to read it together.

The book follows authors, PJ and Geo’s successful television series on kykNET called ‘Welvaartskeppers’, and a book by the same name, written by their father, Dr. Riaan Botha. They had some innings in their father’s book, which lead to this second book, bringing things full circle. While both the book and the series, ‘Welvaartskeppers’ focus on making and managing money, ‘Word Ryk, Bly Ryk’ focuses on managing wealth, as well as enjoying it and carrying it over to the next generation.

Word Ryk, Bly Ryk is available in Afrikaans only and you can buy it from all major bookstores nationwide.


Word ryk bly ryk books to read to feel financially empowered

Feel financially empowered with The Billionaire Career

Launched earlier this year, The Billionaire Career quickly became a bestseller just like the author, Daniel Strauss’ first book, The Billionaire Mindset.

Strauss says people measure success in different ways – some in cashflow and wealth; others in family relationships. Still, there are ways in which you can be more successful in life. The Billionaire Career will teach you how.

While his first book included various short stories to explain difficult business concepts, his second reads like a story. It follows the life of Dan, who goes through many financial and business challenges, ultimately teaching the reader various important lessons along the way.

One of the biggest tools you’ll also find in The Billionaire Career, is that of understanding the method of thinking like an investor, shareholder, and director in a business. It differs from the employee’s way of thinking and you need to understand and implement that way of thinking in order to make a success of your business. “This is one of the biggest problems in South Africa when it comes to entrepreneurship and that is why I originally wrote my first book. I realised that if we don’t get a critical mass of entrepreneurs to think above the line, we are going to have a bunch of managers and employees who are entrepreneurs, and they are just never going to be able to build big businesses because they don’t think in the right way,” says Strauss.

The Billionaire Mindset and The Billionaire Career are available in both Afrikaans and English. In addition to the books, Daniel Strauss also offers a seminar called The Billionaire Mindset Seminar.


God en Geld (God and Money)

If you’re a Christian and you want to learn to lead a healthy financial life without debt and the damaging anxiety that comes with it, this is the book to read. I bought it for my husband, Wikus on his birthday and he’s been reading it religiously, page for page. The book talks about the money god, Mammon and how to get yourself out of debt. It also talks about the Biblical foundations to fall back on when drawing up a financial plan. It’s a practical book that will help you look at money and finances differently.

If you do happen to get your hands on this book, be open to God’s will for your finances. Be ready to get started on a journey of financial health and prepare to transform your budget with practical guidelines.

The book is available in Afrikaans, but the author, Wilco Naumann also offers a seminar called God and Money.

I believe that God wants us to be the best versions of ourselves. If that means we need to read books to get better at budgeting, feel financially empowered and live a healthier financial life, then that’s what I will do.


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