Wealth: PJ & Geo Botha’s new book, a guideline for families

Word ryk bly ryk

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Jul 18

The two Botha brothers – PJ and Geo – who just released their book, ‘Word Ryk, Bly Ryk,’ hail from Pretoria and are both directors at the wealth management company, Bovest. The book’s title translates to ‘Become Rich, Stay Rich’ and while it might catch your eye with the double use of the word ‘rich’, you will soon find that being rich looks a little different through PJ and Geo’s eyes than through the world’s.

The book is there not only to show the reader how to manage money well, but also to let the reader understand that there is so much more to money (and life) than counting cents. It’s also a rather easy read, which is suitable for families – something I’ve yet to come across in the world of wanting to create wealth.

This milestone follows PJ and Geo’s successful television series on kykNET called ‘Welvaartskeppers’, and a book by the same name, written by their father, Dr. Riaan Botha. They had some innings in their father’s book, which lead to this second book, bringing things full circle. While both the book and the series, ‘Welvaartskeppers’ focus on making and managing money, ‘Word Ryk, Bly Ryk’ focuses on managing wealth, as well as enjoying it and carrying it over to the next generation.

PJ en Geo Botha Word Ryk Bly Ryk

What is money and wealth to you?

There are different aspects to being rich. Finances are very personal and luckily there aren’t just one right or wrong answer. The two brothers themselves are complete opposites when it comes to thinking about money and as PJ says: “R5 million is a lot for one person, while it’s not that much for someone else. Especially at retirement. Every person’s story is different.”

The brothers agree on one thing when it comes to money, though and that it that it gives freedom. It allows you to travel and spend time together as a family. It gives you choices.


Where are you and where do you want to go with your wealth?  

During our interview, PJ referred to a scene in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice asks the cat which road to take. The cat asks her a very simple, yet life-defining question: “Where do you want to go?”

This applies to your personal finances and wealth too. You need to know where you want to go with your finances. That means that you also need to know yourself very well.

What is important to you?

What makes you tick?

That way, you’ll know what to focus on when it comes to generating wealth.

PJ and Geo Botha have taken it upon themselves to educate their readers on this exact topic, with a book that is not only easy to read, but also interactive.

Who is the book, ‘Word Ryk, Bly Ryk’ for?

PJ says: “Very few children really know what goes on in their parents’ finances.” Geo adds: “In school, you don’t learn about finance. You don’t learn to manage a business. The first part of the book is about how you make money; the habits you need to instil to make money and things to get in place. The second part of the book is more about managing your wealth and the third part is about the handover of wealth. It’s a nice book for a father and son, or mother and daughter to read together; different generations.” Therefore, depending on where you are in your wealth cycle, you’ll find more value in certain parts of the book than others.

Geo believes that it’s because of the fact that we don’t talk about finance in our families or in school that people feel intimidated by it. “They don’t know where to start talking about it; they don’t understand the basic concepts. That’s what we’re trying to do with this book – to educate.”

In the end – whether you’re starting out in your career, whether you’re starting a family or whether you’re heading toward retirement – we all need to think about our wealth and how to manage it.  

‘Word Ryk, Bly Ryk’ is a book that you don’t read from start to finish. You stand still and talk about what’s been written; contemplate, discuss and implement the guidelines and tips as a young adult, couple that just got married, young family, family with teens or a couple headed for retirement.

Word Ryk Bly Ryk PJ and Geo Botha Wealth Management

How can you instil a healthy money mentality in your family?

It is important for parents to set an example when it comes to money. The two Botha brothers remember how their mother was the one always focusing on where to save money, where their father took more chances and focused on how to increase their income. There was a balance.

“If you can save on the one side, and increase your income on the other, both can be beneficial,” says Geo. He suggests that – if they can – parents should take in different roles when it comes to finances, to show children that balance.

PJ also says that it is important to talk about financial values within the family. You might not drive the same fancy car as the neighbours, but that allows you to be able to go on holiday. What is important to you and your family? Forget about wanting to keep up with the Joneses. It’s all about you and your family’s values.  

What’s the plan with the book?

“For us, it’s important to share our knowledge. If we can help only one person – wherever he or she is in his or her life – that’s a win. Many times, a small decision you make can make a huge difference in your life,” says Geo.

PJ adds that this is the educational part of what they do. “A book is a good way to share our knowledge.”

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