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Suitcase & Chardonnay The Glass Angel

By Renate Engelbrecht

Sunday, Dec 11

We all have our own paths in life. Sometimes it is good to hear someone else’s story, though. It often puts things into perspective and reminds you of things you need to apply on your journey through life. I recently got to read about someone else’s journey in a book called The Glass Angel. Christina Foxwell’s journey seemed to have been much harder than the journey I’ve been experiencing, but through that, I have learned more than I initially thought I would.

I was gifted the book, A Glass Angel, and as it is with all parents, I could only read parts of it whenever I could find the time. I later realised that reading it bit by bit was probably for the best, since it was necessary to digest and reflect on what she had written.

Suitcase & Chardonnay book review the glass angel
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The Glass Angel, which is ultimately a quick and not too detailed rundown of Foxwell’s life journey up until now, is split into three sections. The first section is fictional, but reflective of how she eventually freed herself from hurts and hang-ups through selflove, forgiveness, hope and compassion. The second part of the book covers Foxwell’s actual life journey, including challenges she’s faced from a young age. While she tells her story of surviving domestic violence, unfaithful behaviour, intense rejection and judgement, she does not go into too much detail about the actual happenings, but rather how she’s found a way to deal with it, forgive and move forward.

Foxwell is all about catching the moths (the untruths you keep telling yourself or what others made you believe about yourself) and changing them into butterflies (the real truth about your journey and who you truly are).

P.S. Keep your glass full with these fine bubblies. 😉

Lessons learned from The Glass Angel
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Her story might not be your story or mine, but from her story there is a lot to learn. Here are three lessons I’ve learned from The Glass Angel:

Life is a journey

We all have our own journeys and on our journeys we need to figure out who we are, we need to be kind to ourselves (and others) and we need to learn to be present and have the courage to be ourselves.

Fear is a liar, affirms The Glass Angel

We all have fears and sometimes we don’t even realise that we are afraid, or what we are afraid of. The fear of rejection, of not being accepted, of being judged, of people hurting you and of unfaithful behaviour – it’s all real. And, it tells you lies like:

“You’re not thin enough.”

“You’re not a good enough mom.”

“You’re not working hard enough.”

“You’re never going to be good at this.”

If we don’t know ourselves, love ourselves and believe in ourselves, we will continue to believe the lies that fear tell us.

The Glass Angel book review by Suitcase & Chardonnay
Image: Estilo Creative

Christina Foxwell will be hosting an online ‘Healing through love’ masterclass on 7 January 2023.


Love is everything

From love comes forgiveness, which is ultimately the one thing that keeps us from really being free from self-judgement, but also free from the burden of hurts and hang-ups caused by other people. We need to love ourselves and others enough to be able to forgive ourselves and others. Only then can we truly be free.

In the end, it all comes down to loving yourself, trusting yourself and not allowing others or what others have done to you to give you an identity. As she rightly says: She was never broken, but rather on a journey of alchemy and transformation. Isn’t that what life is after all? A journey in which we learn, grow and adapt?

“We can either stay stuck in the cycles of belief, thinking, emotions and behaviours – the ones that impact our ability to connect with others – or we can choose to break the cycle.”


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