10 Items you need to create a luxury home office

Luxury Home Office what you need

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Mar 10

The current home office trends have me dreaming up a storm for my own luxury home office where everything is clutter-free, clean and tidy and where I can be creative in my own little bubble every day. Here are the ten items you need to create a luxury home office.

Leather is key in a luxury home office

Whether it’s a leather chair duo, a leather couch or a beautiful leather desk pad like the one from Burgundy Collective, anything in leather will add that extra touch for a luxurious looking office. Both Cielo and Incanda have lovely leather chairs for guests visiting you in your office or for those quick coffee breaks. These are ideal, especially when you are looking to refurb your home office as you can continue working from home post-lockdown.

Incanda Gouda Chair
Incanda Gouda Chair. Image: Incanda

Storage is everything

There is nothing luxurious about a cluttered office and therefore clever storage solutions for your office requirements is key.

Kitchenique has a lovely Umbra Hammock Organiser that is ideal for storage of your office accessories like reading glasses, sunglasses, smartphones, iPads, keys and more.

Clock it

You might have a watch on your smartphone, but if you’re a little old school like me, an aesthetic clock on your desk might just add to your luxury office space. And, it keeps you from having to look at your smartphone all the time, reducing your daily screen time (even if it’s just a little). How beautiful is this modern home decoration silent table clock from Takealot?

Standing clock for your luxury home office
Standing clock for your luxury home office. Image: Takealot

Bring the outdoors indoors

Whether it’s with a large window or through the clever addition of wallpaper, the eco-style trend is currently very popular. Bring the outdoors indoors with Stickythings’ Vintage Tropical Wall Mural, a non-woven Amazonia wallpaper mural should definitely do the trick in adding a bit of nature and a bit of class to your office.

If you’re keen on wallpaper that is a little less artful, opt for something like CLM Home’s Imogen Slate / Rose Gold Wallpaper or Wallpaper Online’s Stone Gold Wallpaper.

Wallpaper for your luxury home office
Wallpaper for your luxury home office. Image: Wallpaper Online

Speaking of windows…

Those vintage curtains that came with the house and never got chucked… It’s time to let them go. Swap them for clean cut blinds that allow for more light to enter the room. You’d be amazed at what a difference it can make and how much more luxurious the space will appear.

Clever cupboards for a clutter free office

If you have too much stuff in your office (like me), step one would be to sort it out. If what is left is still too much to handle when it comes to a luxury office that you’d like to be your sanctuary while you work, consider putting up shelves that you can cover with doors, or proper cupboards that you can store everything that you don’t need at your fingertips in.

Simple Cabinet
Simple Cabinet. Image: EFD Furniture Shop

Eco Furniture Design (EFD) Furniture Shop has a simple, elegant cabinet on a steel base which can also be incorporated into your luxury office, and CLM has a unique Simple Cupboard in either black or white that could also do the trick.

GOF Furniture Carter 1 Office Librabry Composition
GOF Furniture Carter 1 Office Librabry Composition. Image: GOF Furniture

Leroy Merlin has a GOF Furniture piece called the Carter 1 Office Library Composition, which is much larger, but offers space for a decorative item here and some files there, while the rest is neatly tucked away behind cupboard doors. Or, opt for Gretmol’s double drawer storage cabinet in black (available on Takealot too), which should also add a contemporary twist to your luxury office space.

Gretmol Double Drawer Storage Cabinet - Black
Gretmol Double Drawer Storage Cabinet in black. Image: Takealot

If you have a small space and not too much to stow away, Fitueyes’ wall mounted desk hutch with doors – a modern, floating console media cabinet – might just be what you’re looking for.

Wall mounted cabinet
Wall mounted cabinet. Image: ubuy.za.com

What’s a luxury home office without plants?

Indoor plants have always been a thing, but Covid-19 and lockdown made it much more of a thing. Also part of the bring-the-outdoors-indoors trend, adding an orchid here and a hanging plant there will definitely help to create a luxurious and calming effect in your workspace.

You’re sure to find the perfect indoor plant for your luxury office from Saffron’s Garden.

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Do it the Scandinavian way

Scandinavian décor trends have been on the rise for a while now and is clearly here to stay. You can keep it simple, but still add a touch of lux the Scandinavian way by making use of the popular contrasts of black and white, the dominance of natural materials and some luxurious wall and table décor items like clay vases, straw baskets and antique appliances.

Carrol Boyes has some lovely clay vase options and you will be able to find various locally produced artisanal décor items fit for your luxury office at Rosebank Mall‘s SOKO District. Rialheim’s table lamp collection is quite unique and if you’re looking for some pretty and inspirational coffee mugs to keep in your luxury home office, have a look at their African Mugs.

Rialheim Ceramics Reimagined Table Lamps
Rialheim Ceramics Reimagined Table Lamps. Image: Rialheim

The desk makes the space

Many times, the desk makes the office. Opt for something simple, yet unique that can also qualify as classic as it is something that you won’t be replacing very soon. KNUS’ Bokkie Desk is special, as is Cielo’s Kingslin Desk.

KNUS Bokkie Desk
KNUS Bokkie Desk. Image: KNUS

Make it a luxury home(y) office

There’s nothing like an impersonal space to damper creativity. Make it homey and comfortable by adding a luxurious-looking rug. With winter approaching, Desert Cat’s Genuine Natural Ivory Sheepskin Rug by Indigo Silk might just be the last touch to create the luxury home office you’ve been dreaming of all along. It’s the perfect item to add to your office for that last hour of a day’s work, which will allow you to kick off your shoes and have a cup of coffee while planning your to-do list for the next day.

Desert Cat Sheepskin Rug for your luxury home office
Desert Cat Sheepskin Rug. Image: Desert Cat


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