Real Housewives of Pretoria: What the first episode taught me

Real Housewives of Pretoria

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Oct 14

We’ve all been cautiously curious about what will be going down once kykNET’s Real Housewives of Pretoria starts airing. Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived in Rolls-Royces and Pretoria East couture at Monte de Dios last night. Yup, it was quite the do, with the Afrikaans television station kicking off the season by showing the first episode of the reality show to local celebrities and media on a big screen.

All eyes are on socials for the hashtag, #RHOPTA as the very first season of the Afrikaans version of Real Housewives hit television screens nationwide last night.

Just to be clear, I might live in Pretoria, but I will always introduce myself as the girl from the Free State as that is where my roots are. While the City of Jacarandas has its charm (I mean, have you seen the Jacarandas lately?) it undoubtedly also has its challenges – especially when it comes to the rich and famous is seems.

I’ve been living in Pretoria for nearly ten years, yet the first episode of the Real Housewives of Pretoria has already taught me more than I ever would have imagined. Here’s what I have learned:

Drama in the homes of the Real Housewives of Pretoria

First and foremost, it is clear that reality shows work because of the drama and scandal it revolves around and what better drama than from within the homes of six housewives living it up in Pretoria East? The Real Housewives of Pretoria series is sure to be filled with intrigue, gossip, stares, gasps and laughs as the women make their way through their day-to-day lives.

‘Die vere maak die voël,’ or does it?

There’s an Afrikaans saying – ‘die vere maak die voël’ – which means that you get judged by your clothing and appearance. Following the first episode of Real Housewives of Pretoria, that seems to not necessarily be the case. At first glance, the housewives all seem reasonably civilised. Yet, it’s almost as if something is boiling underneath the surface. You might think you’re watching a sophisticated conversation between a bunch of beauties, when suddenly someone would nonchalantly shake things up with a sneering comment, steering things in a direction you never expected.

The (mostly) elegantly dressed housewives might all seem calm and collected, but underneath the surface there’s a sense of tension; catlike paws ready to pounce!

The Real Housewives of Pretoria say cliques are real

South Africans often refer to Cape Town as the city of cliques, since it is very difficult to make friends when you move down to the Cape. Housewife Renske Lammerding, who is also the owner of Mrs. Globe South Africa, says she supports cliques.

So, even though Pretoria people are known to be very friendly and hospitable, making (real) friends in the City of Jacarandas might not be as easy as it seems…

Money talks

The saying ‘money is power’ is quite evident, even in the first episode of the Real Housewives of Pretoria.

By the looks of things, if you (or your husband) did not work for your money and your Silver Lakes or Woodhill home, and you inherited it instead, you might struggle to fit in among the Real Housewives of Pretoria. (Unless you have another strong suit up your sleeve that you have yet to reveal…) Add the title pastor to your name like Marié Bosman did, and you’re bound to get a couple of judging housewife stares. She does have a pilot’s licence and two Doctorates behind her name too, though, so like I say… you never know what she’s got up her sleeve.

Real Housewives of Pretoria proves the city has a queen

Yup, looks like Pretoria has its own queen after all and she lives in Silver Lakes. Housewife Renske is apparently known as the queen bee of Silver Lakes and by the looks of things, she runs the show.

A walk-in closet is code for ‘You’ve made it’

One of the most impressive parts of the first episode was the housewives’ walk-in closets. If you’re an aspiring housewife, a walk-in closet is definitely one of the first things to tick off of your list. Of course, an empty closet won’t do, so you’d have to have deep pockets, a successful business (or two), or a very generous hubby.

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There really is a gap

We all know about the saying, the rich get richer and poor get poorer. Well, following the first episode of the Real Housewives of Pretoria, I was once again reminded of the huge gap between the rich and the poor. And that, right here on our doorsteps. While the housewives might get involved in a Stokvel or two, raising money for NGOs, the glamorous dresses, flashy cars and mansions certainly draw attention to the global concern of closing the gap between rich and poor.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

Housewife and TikTok sensation, Kiki La Coco is quite the instigator, to say the least. And, with feisty Mel Viljoen, the owner of Tammy Tailor Nails currently in her corner, things might get interesting.

At the same time, Talana Kuhn is checking things out from a distance while Rhona Erasmus, the owner of two businesses believes in saying things as it is.

Watch the Real Housewives of Pretoria on kykNET (channel 144 on DStv) on Thursday evenings at 8PM.


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    Mel is an idiot
    Rhona and Kiki is gorgeous
    Renske is the lady


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