Reasons why what you wear while training matters

Fitness wear why it matters

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Sep 08

When it comes to training, I’m not your type A athlete. In fact, I train mainly to stay physically and mentally healthy and fit, and to manage my hormone levels. Which is reason enough to exercise every day, even when I don’t necessarily feel like it. What helps is to wear fitness fashion that I feel comfortable in and if it can help me work harder when I train and recover faster, even better. It is true that the appropriate training clothes allow for effortless workouts, which is why investing in some fitness attire from an expert brand like Under Armour is worth considering.

Under armour training attire

Why does what you wear to train in matter?

Wearing the right clothes when training has many benefits. Clothes made from breathable fabric make for less sweat and bacteria growth, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about smelly clothes. Cotton, for example, is generally a great fabric to wear, but not for training. It becomes heavy and once you start sweating, it’s the last thing you’d want touching your skin.

Investing in durable workout clothes will allow you get the most out of it. You’ll be able to wear it for a long time.

The right training gear will also protect your skin from damaging sunrays, which is important to consider when you train outside often. Considering South Africa’s warm climate as we head into summer, it might be good to invest in some fitness fashion that helps your body to stay cool and not overheat. Think fitness wear made from nylon, polyester, micromodal and rayon.

Also, opt for lighter coloured training clothes that will reflect the sun’s rays away from your body (and make motorists spot you more easily when you’re a road runner).

Of course, comfort is key. You don’t want to frustrate yourself with a scratching sports bra or pants that are too short. You want to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing in order to make the most of your training session. Opt for fitness wear that is flexible. That will allow you to move your body without any restrictions.

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Train in comfrot

A suggestion on what to wear when you train

Under Armour’s Moves With Me collection was launched earlier this year and I’ve been jogging with it for a while now. The collection is unique as it contains UA RUSH infrared technology, which in essence reflects your body’s energy – a process that helps you to work harder while you train, but also to recover faster after you’ve trained.

In all honesty, I can’t tell you that there has been a significant difference in my experience training with other fitness wear versus Under Armour’s attire, but I have noticed less muscle fatigue. This might be because I became stronger as I continued exercising over the past few months but looking at the science behind the fitness fashion brand, its assistance in increasing strength and endurance and reducing muscle fatigue makes sense.

UA RUSH™ Woven Anorak Jacket by Under Armour

Come the rainy season, this is the jacket you would love to have for training outside. The UA Storm technology repels water while still allowing breathability. It’s a lightweight jacket made with a matte stretch-woven fabric that is durable, but also breathable.

What you wear when training matters

Under Armour UA SmartForm Flex Woven Shorts

These shorts are lightweight, breathable and come with UA Storm technology that repels water. The soft, stretch-woven fabric makes it super comfortable – a material that stretches in four ways, which allows you to move better in every direction. It also has UPF 40, which protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The high-rise waistband comes with interior jacquard auxetic technology which forms to your shape and moves with you. This not only makes it comfortable to train in, but together with the curved hem it also flatters your figure and gives it a more streamlined fit. The shorts also come with hand pockets and a bonded, secure zip pocket (not big enough for a phone, but perfect for keys or other small carry-alongs.  

under armour attire

In the end, feeling comfortable in what you wear while you train is key. Your training attire – that that from Under Armour – needs to allow you to sweat without smelling, move without restriction and build endurance without overheating.


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