Travel to these Bridgerton-inspired destinations

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Feb 26

Netflix‘s Bridgerton series, which was released over Christmas 2020, has been a great hit among many. It is a brilliant period piece by Shonda Rhimes (who also brought us Grey’s Anatomy) and it has been awakening its viewers’ wanderlust with all its beautiful filming locations and settings. Here are ten Bridgerton-inspired destinations to add to your post-lockdown UK travel bucket list:

1. The streets of Bath

Most of Bridgerton is set in London in 1813, but many of the street scenes have actually been shot on the streets of Bath, two-and-a-half hours away. Bath’s architecture is ideal for the time period of the series and in addition to that, it’s also a brilliant town to visit when it comes to good food, art and natural hot springs.

2. Rangers House, London

One of the most prominent scenes in the Bridgerton series can be found on the boundary of Greenwich Park and Blackheath in London. The series’ Bridgerton residence is actually known as the Ranger’s House in real life – an elegant Georgian villa that houses over 700 works of art, including The Wernher Collection. The art museum is currently closed for the winter, but will be reopening in April 2021.

3. Wilton House, Salisbury

The interior shots of the Bridgerton series proved to be more challenging when it comes to keeping it authentic. England has more than enough 1800s-appropriate architecture for outdoor filming locations, but interior filming locations were limited. Many of the shots of the characters’ various homes were filmed in the Wilton House, though. This house dates back to 1544 and under normal circumstances (without COVID-19 and lockdown) it is open to the public to explore the rooms and grounds at your own time. Wilton House has been a family home for the past 450 years and is still home to the Earl and Countess of Pembroke and provides fascinating insights into British history.


4. Leigh Court, Summerset

The balls of Bridgerton called for an impressive setting and the English Country House, Leigh Court certainly delivered. In real life, it’s a popular wedding venue and brides love making an entrance down its beautiful staircase, just as Daphne did in the series.

5. Holburne Museum of Art, Bath

Many of Bridgerton’s balls were also filmed in the Holburne Museum in Bath – a museum that holds an impressive collection of 18th-century art. It was also the filming location for many scenes in Lady Danbury’s home.

6. Royal Crescent, Bath

Grosvenor Square is named as the epicentre of the Bridgerton universe right from the beginning in the series, but the real square is actually not featured. Bath’s Royal Crescent – a row of 30 terraced houses – served as the filming location for many characters’ arrivals and departures and in real life, it truly is a magnificent place to take a walk. Designed by the architect, John Wood, the Younger, it it among some of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the United Kingdom.

7. Hyde Park, London

Don’t you just envy the stunning English gardens featured in Bridgerton? They formed a backdrop for some of the most emotional moments in the series and London’s own Hyde Park also served as a suitable filming location for many of the garden scenes. The garden is currently open, with some changes to their normal running of things. The Diana Memorial Fountain has been switched off and closed for the public due to lockdown and the food outlets in the park only do takeaways. Hyde Park’s website provides all the information you might need regarding the changes due to lockdown.

8. Hampton Court Palace, Molesey

This historic royal palace features in Bridgerton as the home of Queen Charlotte, but in real life Hampton Court Palace was the home of King Henry VIII. If you’re a fan of royal history, this is definitely one of the Bridgerton-inspired destinations you need to visit (complete with its own real-life scandal to uncover). The palace is open for visitors (with a few exceptions like the Magic Garden and Maze that is closed and The Chapel Royal’s amended opening times).

9. Chatham Dockyard, Kent

The Chatham Dockyard served as the filming location for many of the scenes with the Duke and his friend, Will. Your voyage of discovery at the Chatham Dockyard may be a bit different than expected due to COVID-19 and you’ll also need to make sure that you visit when they’re not closed for the winter. Their ‘know before you go‘ page should give you all the information you might need, though.

10. Castle Howard, York

Clyvedon, everyone’s favourite Bridgerton couple’s marital crib, is York’s Castle Howard in real life. This castle – a magnificent, historic house in the North of England – is currently open to the public, with the exception of its gardens and catering outlets due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Their garden centre and farm shop remains open, though.

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