Good things come from Six Dogs’ Honey Lime Gin

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Dec 14

I love it when there’s good that comes out of a venture and that’s exactly what happened with Worcester-based Six Dogs Distillery’s latest launch: A honey-infused gin that forms part of a pioneering project to save distressed bees.

It all happened when Bee Smiths, a South African bee conservation company, approached Six Dogs Distillery to relocate bees to the farm on which the distillery is based. The farm is on the intersection of the Fynbos and Karoo biomes, which makes it the perfect location for bees.

Bradley and Tayla Seaton-Smith, the founders of Bee Smiths, have been rescuing and relocating distressed bees for over four years. A swarm had moved into their home compost bin and because they knew how critical bees are to the environment, they knew that they had to do everything they could to save them. They’ve been selling their raw honey and using the proceeds to save even more colonies ever since.

While Six Dogs Distillery’s six dogs quickly had to learn to keep their distance from the hives, master distiller, Charles Bryant learnt that a combination of farm honey and homegrown limes, when blended with the finest botanical spirit, proves irresistible! Isn’t nature amazing? Bryant tapped into the lime trees that grow right on the distillery’s doorstep and the fruits were picked, peeled and dried. Then he added it to his classic London dry style gin recipe and just a small dollop of honey is what gives the spirit a subtle sweetness that cuts through the limes’ zestiness.

Sublime is what I would call it.

– Charles Bryant

Did you know?

While farm honey may be one of the hero ingredients, according to South African liquor regulations, it is one of the few ingredients that may not be included in a gin. This, however, did not stop Bryant in his tracks. No, it inspired him to make the finest botanical spirit and he classified it – for the South African market – as a spirit aperitif. It can, however, still be sold under the gin classification in the other 18 countries to which Six Dogs Distillery exports their products.

How to enjoy it

Six Dogs Honey Lime is best enjoyed with ice and a good quality Indian tonic. It’s perfect for those hot summer’s days coming up over the festive season.




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