The world’s most beautiful baby collection

Louis Vuitton baby collection

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Apr 27

While the luxury newborn collection by Louis Vuitton is something I would most probably never have been able to afford anyway, it certainly is one of the most beautiful baby collections I’ve ever seen. And, one – I must admit – that had me considering having more babies! Soft and enveloping, elegant and playful, it is a timeless newborn range that will accompany your little one through the early days.

The idea of a baby collection came from various elements of Louis Vuitton’s history, contemporary spirit and visual identity. In fact, Gaston Louis Vuitton had introduced toys to the Maison’s universe with a Salon de Jouets inside the Champs-Elysées store back in the 1930s. More recently, it was the wonderment and limitless discovery that begins in childhood that guided the brand’s Core Values campaign. Ultimately, this new collection forms an important part in strengthening the Maison’s emotional connection, as symbolic moments become precious memories.

Luis Vuitton dress

The Louis Vuitton baby collection includes clothing, shoes, accessories and objects that bring together several Louis Vuitton métiers with exceptional quality, sweetness and joy. The brand’s iconic flowers, for instance, appear as perforations on leather shoes, as a 3D knit in the finest cashmere, and as a discreet label on many of the pieces. Louis Vuitton has certainly created a beautiful baby world in which every piece will play a part in your little one’s life. And, embodying over 160 years of tradition, a specially designed wardrobe trunk also signifies the ultimate gift.


Suitcase and toys

Apart from the thoughtful everyday pieces and special occasion styles, the collection includes first toys that are bound to become life-long keepsakes as well. Anchoring colours include milky white, sandy dune and tonal greys, motifs in pastel hues and here and there, a bold splash of yellow.

Teddy by Louis Vuitton

The clothing is sized up to 12 months and includes onesies, coordinating ensembles, essential bodies, pyjamas, a dress and a double-faced hooded coat boasting Monogram flowers on the pockets and the Meli-Melo motif inside. Ultimately, it’s the meticulous detail of the items that draw my attention – from the mother-of-pearl buttons on cotton cashmere cardigans to the small embroideries on bloomers and bodies.

The materials used for Louis Vuitton’s baby collection have been carefully selected in line with the brand’s commitment to responsible sourcing, while still offering a comforting feel that is durable.

Louis Vuitton newborn collection

These newborn pieces are definitely worth passing down and treasuring, echoing the generous and joyous intention of the brand’s first-ever baby collection.


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