Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at LifeLAB

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Aug 26

Isn’t it incredible what people can come up with? Apparently the first Hyperbaric Chamber was built in 1662 already… Where has it been all my life?

There are so many exciting treatments these days to help our bodies function optimally. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber is no exception. Diving into the oxygen chamber headfirst might not always feel so graceful, but I’ll dive right back in again. The large vacuum seals you in from the outside world and for an hour your body is exposed to air pressure that is three times higher than normal air pressure. It’s probably not the best idea for someone who suffers from Closter phobia, but it sure has its benefits. The conditions inside the oxygen chamber allow your lungs to gather more oxygen, which helps fight bacteria and stimulates the release of growth factors and stem cells, evidently promoting healing.

What was initially developed to treat military divers for DCI (decompression sickness) has become a valuable tool in treating other illnesses too. These include air or gas embolisms, anemia due to severe blood loss, osteomyelitis (a bone marrow infection) and more. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber patients also claim to have less headaches, reduced depression and they claim to be less irritable. They sleep better and have improved cognition, mood and memory.


Dr. Juanri Jonck from LifeLAB says these are the reasons why people use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber:

  • It reduces fatigue and improves the quality of brain function
  • It increases energy levels
  • If you have sport injuries, it can promote recovery
  • It improves athletic performance
  • It decreases swelling from inflammation
  • It improves cellular metabolism and circulation
  • It increases the body’s ability to fight infections, and
  • It even promotes anti-ageing

Who benefits from this therapy most?

  • People who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Sportsmen and women who would like to reduce injury recovery time, improve endurance and resilience and to boost their performance.
  • Businessmen and women who work tirelessly to meet deadlines and who need a cognitive boost before important presentations.
  • Mothers who have not had a good night’s rest in over two years (like me)!
  • Students who study through the night and need a memory boost for exams, and more.

When life gets you down, one thing that will definitely lift you up (physically and mentally) is LifeLAB’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber.

Contact them on 084 965 4444 or info@lifelabmed.co.za to book an appointment.

320 The Hillside Street



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