How to perfect your stay-in date lips

Lockdown lips for a stay-in date

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Feb 22

The month of February is a romantic month for us. It starts with Valentine’s Day and it ends with Wikus and my anniversary. We’ve been trying to have even just a stay-in date since the beginning of the month (with no luck thus far, as the kids are keeping us on our toes). It has given me some time to perfect my stay-in date lips, though. Here are some products and ideas to consider.

Lip care essentials

We are often so focused on caring for our skin that we forget about our lips. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm is a great product to use when you’re looking for something to keep your lips moisturised. They come in various flavours, but the real secret to the success of these lip balms lies in the natural ingredients they contain. The lip balm range includes Mango Butter, Pomegranate Oil, Pink Grapefruit, Açai Berry, Vanilla and more and you can even opt for tinted lip balms if you’d like to add some colour. The products are 100% natural and definitely gets my vote. Find it at Dischem or on Takealot (R75).

Revitalise your lips (and eyes)

Filorga‘s new Global-Repair Eyes & Lips anti-ageing cream contains 50 meso-factors, super-nutrients and cellular boosters that will help you keep your lips (and eyes) look young and revitalised. It consists of tuberose extract, which brightens and invigorates the eye and lip area. It also includes sesame seed extract, which plumps and firms the skin, creating a smoother appearance. The cream’s rich and nourishing formulation is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, which leaves a velvety finish. You can find this product on or at R1290.

Add some colour to those lips

My mother always says that if you don’t feel like wearing makeup, at least just add some colour to your lips (and perhaps lift those lashes with a little mascara). Matte lips are the talk of the town these days and why not go for something that’s trending while your at it? The matte lipsticks (R69.95) and even the liquid matte lipsticks (R89.95) from Pretty by Flormar are a perfect fit for some lovely lockdown lips for your stay-in date.


Mix and match lip colours

Who said you may only use one colour at a time? I’ve found that many lip colours are often just too bright or too dark for my liking, so I like to mix and match. I recently combined two of Pretty by Flormar’s liquid matte lipsticks and I loved the outcome so much that I think it might just become my go-to colour not only for stay-in dates, but also for going out dates! Try applying their Flirty Pink liquid matte lipstick and their Rosy Nude liquid matte lipstick together for a beautifully blended colour perfect for a romantic date night. I also love their matte lipsticks in Nude or Dark Plum.

Add some shimmer

If you’re not up for vibrant colours (it’s a stay-in date after all), try Burt’s Bees’ Lip Shimmers. This range includes eleven different shades and is packed with Vitamin E, Beeswax, Sunflower Oil and Peppermint Oil. They cost R99 at Dischem or on Takealot.

Nude lipstick

A nude lipstick can also do wonders and you’ll be able to find a lovely nude colour from most lipstick brands. I’ve seen some lovely colours exhibited by Catrice, Rimmel, Avon and Essence and I do love having a nude MAC matte lipstick handy. It is quite a trendy look and you can glam it up with some colourless lip gloss when you feel like it.

Who said a stay-in date should be dull and boring? Make your date at home a romantic evening with lovely lockdown lips, a beautiful table and some good wine!



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