Easter holiday: The perfect family destinations

Easter family holiday

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Feb 07

I cannot believe that Easter is around the corner, let alone the fact that if we would like to go somewhere for the Easter holiday, we’d have to hurry and book. Although Easter has always been a time for family, we now often also enjoy spending time alone as our own little family of four. So, these last-minute destinations might not be a bad idea after all…

Seeing that we haven’t travelled abroad at all since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, destinations that offer a space of peace and rejuvenation have become even more important in our increasingly complex daily lives than before. These days, finding those moments of peace and quiet amidst trying to keep everything (including kids and work) afloat is tough. We grasp at every moment of tranquility – a fast-paced, yet peaceful walk around the block before taking the kids to school, a stolen moment with a glass of wine while you cook dinner, a quick episode of Emily in Paris on Netflix before switching off the nightlight. All just to squeeze in a bit of self-care before the day ends.

But sometimes, the best way to get in that quality self-care we really need, is to go on holiday.

The next best time to go on holiday, is over the Easter holiday and with borders finally open to South Africans and the school and Easter holidays coming up (yup, Catha is part of the actual school year now, so we need to start planning differently from this year forward), why not tap into a well-deserved luxurious family holiday?

Seychelles for the Easter holiday

It has always been a dream of mine to show Seychelles to our kids. The last time I was there, I was pregnant with Catha and on a media trip – quite challenging emotionally, as that was where I felt her kick the first time and Wikus wasn’t there to share in the moment. But, it was special at the same time as Catha and I bonded among La Digue’s palm trees and white beaches and beside the pool in Pralin. Wikus and I were in Seychelles during our honeymoon too, which makes the archipelago one of my most memorable destinations.

Seychelles. Image: Unsplash

Now, I’d like to whisk the kids away on a Seychellois family adventure – one where the kids can walk on beaches that have been featured in movies, where they can be fully immersed in the natural wonders of the Seychelles and where they can create adventures among preserved fauna and flora and a variety of endangered species.

The Seychelles boasts an array of accommodation options to choose from, catering for all kinds of travellers. For families looking for something a little more exclusive and separate from the crowds, the newly launched all-inclusive Club Med Seychelles is the destination to tap into. It is located on a private island called Sainte Anne and has wonderful kids’ clubs with age-appropriate activities. Kids under 6 also stay for free, which makes this the perfect Easter getaway for a family like ours!

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Mauritius is always a good idea

South Africans have become very fond of Mauritius over the years and if you are looking for a fun-filled beach getaway that the whole family will love, Mauritius is always a good idea. It is easily accessible from South Africa (a mere four hours’ flight) and caters to adventure lovers, beach bums, historians and foodies alike. Here you can take part in exciting activities like scuba diving, paddle-boarding, flying trapeze, sailing and diving.

Mauritius. Image: Unsplash

Club Med La Plantation d’Albion is the perfect spot for an exclusive tropical adventure with your family. Apart from the adventure-filled days, you can also wind down at their revamped Beach bar – the ideal spot to enjoy sundowners and gourmet Mauritian snacks with your feet in the sand.

Play with dolphins in the Maldives

Okay, so the Maldives are number one on my bucket list when it comes to an Easter holiday. It’s all about days sunbathing in over-water bungalows with floating breakfasts, turquoise waters, miles of white sandy beaches and sun-kissed vistas. It’s probably one of the best Instagrammable family vacations one could have.

You’re also bound to fall in love with the marine life found while scuba diving in the Maldives. It’s the ideal destination for diving, sailing and playing with manta rays, dolphins and sea turtles.

Maldives. Image: Unsplash

What makes travelling to the Maldives even more intriguing is the fact that as a South African, you don’t need a visa.

An Easter holiday in the French Alps

Switzerland has also now opened their borders to South Africans, which means taking the family for that dream ski holiday is now possible. Take them on a spring ski holiday during the period of March through to April – a time during which the slopes are less busy and the days are warmer and longer. The French Alps with its wintry charm offer wonderful opportunities for relaxation, including yoga, divine dining and delightful strolls – all set in a breath-taking setting.

If you have the means, Easter is the ideal time to grab the opportunity to travel again. It’s time to explore the world again, and doing it with your family is just so much more worth it.

French Alps
French Alps. Image: Unsplash


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