8 Minimalist nail trends to tap into in 2022

Blue nails a trend

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Jan 03

Isn’t it an amazing feeling when a new set of nails makes you feel even more feminine and fabulous? Whether it is short pastel-coloured nails or longer nails with a hint of glitter, I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist when it comes to nails, so here are my top ten minimalist nail trends for 2022:

Never-ending neutral nail trends

Yup, neutrals ain’t going nowhere in 2022 and I am super happy about it. There’s nothing like a fresh layer of neutral nail polish to make you look and feel a little more manicured. Whether it’s a light pastel or even a sheer, glossy nude, when your hands have clean cuticles, nourished skin and a fresh layer of nail polish that complements your skin tone, all is well with the world. Neutrals are timeless which is why you can’t go wrong with it this year.

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Neutral nudes a trend for 2022
Neutral nudes a nail trend for 2022. Image: Unsplash

Alternative French a welcome nail change

It’s a trend that will flow over into 2022 from last year and one that I’d love to explore. The traditional French manicure is no longer the bee’s knees and has been replaced with an alternative option instead. Play around with shapes and colours this year, as the French manicure is being done with wavy tips and even side tips.

Alternative French nails
Alternative French nails with matte and gloss nail polish. Image: Unsplash

A Micro Mani is the way to go

I might be a minimalist when it comes to my nails, but I often feel playful too, which is why the rise of the micro mani is probably one of the best nail trends I’ve come across as I entered 2022. With these little pops of colour or hints of personality, you’ll get to play around endlessly this year!

Micro mani nail trend for 2022
Micro Mani nail trend for 2022. Image: Unsplash

Blue is the king of nail trends

In 2021, Bottega green was the colour of choice when it came to manicures. This year, blue seems to be leading the way and it’s perfect for every season, whether it is as a detail on a nude nail or as a block colour. For summer, experiment with electric, cobalt blues and come winter, opt for a darker, rich, deep blue. Check out this colour from Essie, which I think is a must-have for 2022. And, the bonus is that it is available at Clicks.

Light blue nail trend for minimalists
Light blue nail trend for minimalists. Image: Unsplash
Winter blue nail trend
Blue nail trend for the upcoming winter months. Image: Unsplash

Make it matte

Matte colours made its mark in 2021 and I am pretty sure it will continue to do so in 2022. It’s perfect for when you’d like to create some elegance while keeping it subtle.

Matte nails a trend for 2022
Matte nails a trend for 2022. Image: Unsplash

Metallics and glitter

As with fashion, metallics are also a popular nail trend to keep an eye on this year. It can easily look very busy on your hands, though so for the minimalists out there, I suggest keeping it simple by opting for a block colour rather than experimenting with too many nail designs and additional colours. You can also opt for a matte or neutral colour and add metallic nail tips, or make one of your nails metallic while the rest stay matte or neutral. Replace metallics with glitter nail polish for a different, yet still glamorous look.

Metallic nails for 2022
Metallic nails for 2022. Image: Unsplash

Embellished nails are trending

Although not necessarily a minimalist look, you can still keep it simple with only a little something here or one glistening nail there.

Embelished nails with some glitter too
Embellished nails with some glitter too. Image: Unsplash

Two coloured nail trends

Some go way out with two colours on their nails, which is too much for my simplistic nail style. But, if you’d like to tap into this nail trend, it is possible to still keep it rather minimalistic by keeping to two shades of one colour, like a darker and a lighter mint and by keeping to clean lines and not too many designs.

Two colours nail trend
Two colours nail trend for 2022. Image: Unsplash

So, which is your favourite?


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