6 of the best tinted SPFs you’d want to buy today

Vichy tinted SPFs

By Renate Engelbrecht

Saturday, Dec 17

So, here’s the thing. I am quite sensitive about my skin. I have lots of sun damage and some dark spots after my two pregnancies and sometimes I wish I had used sunscreen more regularly from earlier in life. I’ve recently decided to try out tinted SPFs as I often don’t feel like putting on layers and layers of makeup. I was looking for something quick and easy that will hide most of my sun damage and give me a bit of a glow, while also protecting my skin. Quite a tall order, but I think I’ve found a solution.

As I searched for the right tinted SPF, I looked at three options available at Dischem and picked the one that was priced a little less than the most expensive one, but a little more than the cheapest one. I’ve since been using it every day and I love how it instantly hides my blemishes (not 100%, but it’s good enough for day-to-day) and how it gives my skin that oomph it needs so early in the morning. I currently use Vichy’s Capital Soleil BB Tinted SPF50, but there are many other options on the market too. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Vichy’s tinted SPFs

Vichy’s Capital Soleil BB Tinted Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF50 has changed my life. I have yet to try any other products on the market, except for a Sunskin SPF50 tester. I went looking for Sunskin at Dischem and when I couldn’t find it there, I wound up buying Vichy instead. Vichy Laboratories have designed this tinted BB Emulsion that creates a soft, non-greasy feel on your skin and since it’s such a high level of sun block, it protects your skin from UV rays and it helps to delay the appearance of age spots.

Vichy tinted SPFs

Cost: From R329 (50ml)

Where: Dischem

What is a BB cream?

The term BB cream is normally used when referring to blemish balms, blemish bases, beblesh balm, or beauty balm. Products marketed as BB creams are normally designed to serve as foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one.


Like with all tinted SPFs, Sunskin UV DERM FACE SPF50 Tinted Cream Gel is everything you need in a sunscreen. It’s sun protection, foundation and moisturiser all in one. It offers UVA, UVB, HEV and IR-A protection and still allows your skin to breathe with the anti-pollution shield and iron oxide. It’s a light colour tint which offers excellent coverage, plus it’s water resistant. What more could a girl ask for? As mentioned, I have tested this product and fell in love with the concept of foundation and SPF in one, which is why I went on the tinted SPF hunt in the first place.

Cost: From R420 (50ml)

Where: LifeLab, retailbox.co.za, Muque


Tinted SPFs by Heliocare

I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend… But apparently Heliocare is also all the rave when it comes to tinted SPFs. The Heliocare Gelcream Color SPF50 seems to be a big hit with one reviewer saying: “…When I feel like giving my skin a break, I just use the tinted sunscreen which has enough coverage to cover a pimple or two or a spot of pigmentation.” Some people have been complaining of it burning their eyes, though so my suggestion would be to just be careful around the eye area.

Heliocare also has the Heliocare 360° Color Gel Oil-Free SPF50+ which is a full-spectrum photoprotective fluid makeup with powerful antioxidant and repair activity. This tinted SPF protects against UVB, UVA, High Energy Visible Light, as well as Infrared radiation. It covers blemishes and imperfections and evens your skin tone, while also offering long lasting coverage. It is a tinted SPF ideal for oily to very oily skin types.

Heliocare tinted SPFs

Cost: From R380 (50ml)

Where: Dermastore, Skin Fit, retailbox.co.za, Just Skin Online

Cetaphil tinted SPFs

Cetaphil’s Tinted SPF 50+ FaceFluid is another product on the market which serves as protection fluid offering reliable protection from UV radiation, cellular damage and atmospheric pollution, helping to prevent photoaging. 

It contains antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and the Liposomal formula makes it easy to spread across the skin while leaving a long lasting, mattifying finish. In addition, it hydrates your skin for up to eight hours.

Cetaphil Tinted SPFs

Cost: From R270 (50ml)

Where: Dischem, Clicks


Lelive’s all the shade marula tinted SPF 30 broad spectrum moisturiser was recently voted the best tinted moisturiser in South Africa by Women and Home Magazine. Since it’s a reef-safe tinted SPF, it protects your skin while respecting the environment. Lelive’s tinted SPFs are made from zinc oxide to shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays, and plant-based ingredients like Vitamin E to protect against free radical damage.

It works for all skin types and tones, it moisturises and protects the skin, and it adds a healthy, natural glow to your complexion. They do recommend that you do a spot test and incorporate the products one at a time – especially if you have sensitive skin.

Lelive tinted SPF

Cost: From R299 (50ml)

Where: Wellness Warehouse, Harvest Table, Faithful to Nature,We Are Egg in Rosebank


Ever thought you’d put snail mucin on your face? Well, apparently Mizon Snail Repair Intensive BB Cream is the talk of the town – a multi-functional product with four shades so you can even use them as highlighters and for contouring. This multi-functional formula helps improve wrinkles, it brightens your skin, protects against the effects of UV rays and offers high coverage. The snail blemish balm also assists in brightening your skin, serving up a radiant complexion in a jiffy.

The product is formulated with 35% snail slime, and with a buildable coverage, it significantly blurs blemishes while correcting uneven skin tone, giving your skin a hydrating glow. It’s free from parabens and artificial fragrances and suitable for sensitive skin.

They say this is the trendy colour that reveals the real you and reviewers agree. “I can’t believe something so light has such great coverage. It doesn’t feel sticky or sit heavy on my skin.

Did you know?

P+++ stands for High UVA Protection

Cost: From R188.82 (50g)

Where: We Are Egg in Rosebank, luxeloft.co.za, iHerb


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