5 Ways to plan the perfect, guilt-free momcation

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Feb 08

I’ve heard many moms say that they are emotionally drained lately, and I can certainly relate. For a mom to admit that she is tired, takes a lot of guts. Going on a guilt-free momcation takes more. Here are 5 ways to plan the perfect momcation without feeling guilty.

Just this morning, I felt the tears well up inside me. My 3-year-old had stepped on a bee yesterday afternoon and since then, she’s just not been herself. Her foot is swollen and she struggles to walk. With that, her 1-year-old brother has been teething for what seems like since before lockdown. Even his teachers are amazed at how long those molars take to reach the surface. Between kids, school, ballet, swimming lessons, work, planning and preparing dinner, remembering about everyone’s vitamins, packing school bags, working after hours, spending time with my husband, exercising, spending (too little) time with God and the list goes on, life can get rather exhausting. I don’t think life was meant to be this exhausting.

If you have not heard about the term, momcation, I’ve got a simple and maybe even scary definition for you: It’s a vacation for mom alone. The word evokes two emotions for me: A childlike excitement and the fear of being labelled a bad mom. But, I think we need to be gentler with ourselves as mothers and wives. Sometimes, we need to get out to gain new perspective; renewed energy.

So, mama, here are five ways in which you can start planning your very own momcation to get your mental and emotional health back in shape:


Well, of course this will be the first tip on the list, because don’t we just love feeling guilty about nearly everything? There will always be reasons why you should rather stay at home. “Catha has a swimming lesson on Thursday. I can’t just pack up and leave.” The secret lies in distinguishing between whether it really is an essential mom-task or whether you’re just using it as an excuse. There will always be someone else who can take your kids to their swimming lesson. Dad is there, she has grandparents and she even has friends with whom she can go when push comes to shove. So, decide where you would like to go and put down a deposit or pay the flight tickets so long. Commit. That’s one step closer to dusting off that Wolf & Maiden bag.

Get the child (and dad) care sorted

It may be 2021 and we may be living in a modern world, but a mom is a mom. Men think differently and for that reason their way of doing things, their routine and the sequence in which they do things will be different. That doesn’t mean dads can’t look after their kids. In fact, it might just be the perfect opportunity for dad to bond with the kids. For your own sanity, though, consider making lists of what needs to be remembered for the school bags, when and at what times the children have certain extra-curricular activities and so on. It’s also a good idea to give your husband a significant heads-up with regards to the dates that you will be away. This will allow him ample time to clear his schedule for school lifts and play dates as needed.

Leave the kids with something to look forward to

The concept of mom going away is often hard to grasp, especially when the kids are still young. Countdown calendars have done wonders for many children on many occasions. Parenting blogger, Hayley Malan used this when she went on her momcation to Spain. She made a calendar with a treat for each day and except for the fun-factor around daily treats, the kids also got more and more excited as the sleeps became fewer for her to return.


Do what you like

Whether you want to go all out and do as much as possible, or whether you want to do as little as possible, it’s your vacation and you can do what you like. Remember, though, that you are a busy mom and you need your rest (isn’t that what a momcation is really for?), so go ahead and book a few sightseeing activities, but don’t go overboard. Rather take this time and really enjoy that warm cup of coffee, that book you’ve been trying to finish for three years, that uninterrupted sleep you’ve so been longing for. Take time to explore, but also take time to take things slow.

One of the ideal places to get the best of both worlds, is an all-inclusive resort and Club Med‘s resorts are all geared for moms who would like to experience some new things, but also for moms who would like to relax. Club Med‘s destinations are scattered all around the world, giving you a variety of land and water activities to take part in. The bonus is that it is included in your holiday package, so you can be as active as you like. You will also have access to many amenities within their resorts for maximum relaxation.

Become a tech-mom

Momcations unfortunately don’t come without longing. You will miss your kids and they’ll miss you and the only way to bridge the divide is to become a tech-mom. That is unless it upsets your kids (I am always hesitant to call, because the kids might not understand why they can hear my voice and see my face, but they can’t have me with them). Still, a video call is a great way to show your kids what you’re up to!

A momcation might sound like a drastic move, but it could be the best thing you do for yourself, your kids and even your relationship with your husband. According to a study in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, it was concluded that women who took holidays at least twice a year, were “less likely to become tense, depressed or tired, and are more satisfied with their marriages.”

So, there you have it. This is why I am all for a momcation and why you don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to escape to recharge.



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