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By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Apr 24

Curve Gear’s been fast evolving since inception three years ago. In Clearwater Mall, the menswear brand has gone from a humble pop-up shoe shop to a full-on fashion shop, complete with its own coffee station and ready-to-wear looks. I went shopping at their brand-new Clearwater shop recently and this is my take on why you should shop the greatest looks for your man here.

Humble beginnings

Clearwater Mall’s Curve Gear shop – located not too far from Mugg & Bean on the first floor – opened its doors officially last week, with the launch taking place on Saturday, 20 April 2024. As I popped in on Friday, I got to experience the shop at my own pace, feeling the fabrics, comparing items with the men’s looks I’ve saved for Wikus on Pinterest and playing around with various styles and looks.


The idea behind Curve Gear’s brand was to blend workwear and fashion, while staying true to their roots. Since their background is industrial safety boots (yes, that’s where it all started), they are continually keeping to a general theme of industrial-inspired fashion styles and trends. Still, there is something for any and every occasion for your man. From the more informal looks with current in-shop themes including aviation and army, to the more formal work attire with trendy chinos, beautiful, buttoned shirts and more. (Also keep an eye out for a very exciting winter range dropping soon).

Subtle elements make fashion statements

With shoes kicking off its success, Curve Gear’s rather large shoe range also covers all bases. From safety boots and informal, trendy sneakers, to stylish and elegant vellies that could be worn for work or play. I particularly loved how they have subtly added their brand’s signature stripes to a recent vellie range, which gives it a bit of a trendy edge, while still passing as shoes to wear to work.


Shop thought-through looks, ready to wear

Strolling through the shop – coffee in hand – I couldn’t help but notice how the layout guides the shopper to put together a look in an instant. Items have been cleverly placed together and here and there, full looks were displayed, complete with belts, bags and boots. While I normally shop for myself, I had such fun shopping the look for my man, especially in Curve Gear’s premium environment.

Budget did not allow for me to go all out, but I did get Wikus some stunning pants – one for work, and some sexy black jeans for date nights. I also got him some shoelaces and socks. Had he been with me, I would have definitely made him feel self-conscious by asking him to pose for a photo in their stunning fitting room, beautifully accentuated with trendy lights and a leather couch. It’s small touches like these that set the tone for a shopping environment fit for any fashion-forward guy.


The shop isn’t that big, but the high, industrial-inspired ceilings give you ample room to breathe while paging through pants. Also, there is the added benefit of finding necessities like leather cleaning products, shoelaces, socks and more in-store, which makes it the perfect one-stop-shop for men. In fact, I know Wikus would love going back to Curve Gear, as he would undoubtably be able to shop everything fashion-wise right there.

Clever fashion shopping

Since I’ve been working on my capsule wardrobe, Wikus has also been leaning toward working on a capsule wardrobe for himself. Admittedly, I am very excited about that, as I not only love putting fashion items together to create the perfect look, but he will also be able to mix and match more items together without too much effort. Curve Gear is one of those shops where you’ll be able to find basics for your capsule, but also unique fashion items.


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