When travel and fashion collide, it’s pure magic

Air France and Balmain

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thu, Mar 18

I love it when my respective passions for travel and fashion collide! It’s pure magic, like with the Balmain Fashion Show that was held in Air France‘s maintenance hangars during the recent Paris Fashion Week. Who would have thought that flights and fashion can blend together so comfortably and elegantly?

On 8 March 2021, fashion designer Balmain presented the film of its new 2021-2022 autumn/winter collection, that was shot in the Air France Industries hangars, at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Travel and fashion collided in a virtual fashion show that showcased true French elegance before a global audience.

In line with the strictest safety rules (for obvious reasons) the models had the opportunity to walk along the wing of a Boeing 777-300, on the tarmac around an Airbus A350 and also in front of the Air France maintenance division’s striking infrastructure. The film shooting highlights the Air France teams’ diverse expertise and it boasted a unique opportunity to showcase new creations by one of the best French haute couture designers.

As an ambassador of the art of French-style travel, Air France has always valued the prestigious fashion houses that France has to offer. This fashion show was an original way for them to open their doors to the Balmain fashion house to showcase French creation worldwide. The event was also a modern take on Pierre Balmain and his models’ trips on board Air France and sure sparks the desire to travel again, now more than ever.

Watch the full fashion show here:



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