What should your vaginal pH be?

Vaginal health

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, May 12

A girl’s vaginal health is one of those things that no one wants to talk about, but everyone has to know about. Ensuring that your intimate areas are healthy and well is very important and there is one little number – your vagina’s pH – that you need to know about in order to be able to keep it healthy and infection-free.

What should your vaginal pH be?

A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 to 4.2. Anything higher than that might cause infection, as that causes bacteria and yeast to thrive.

What affects your vaginal pH?

  • Even though antibiotics might be used to kill harmful bacteria, it often also kills good bacteria. This does not only apply to your gut, but also your vagina.
  • Other medicines can also affect vaginal pH, including oral contraceptives.
  • Menopause is another factor that might have an effect on vaginal pH, with one study indicating that women tend to have higher pH levels during menopause. In this particular study, women in menopause had an average pH of 5.3.
  • During sexual intercourse, even semen can have an effect on vaginal pH, as semen’s pH is the direct opposite of the vagina’s acidic environment. Semen can therefore also increase the vagina’s pH levels temporarily.
  • As with many other health issues, stress can also play a part in your vaginal pH.
  • Poor hygiene can alter vaginal pH levels. The vagina might have been designed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions, but that doesn’t mean that you should not wash down there daily. It’s just as important to practice good perineal hygiene on a daily basis.
  • Scented detergents, soaps and feminine sprays can also contribute to an altered pH level, which is why I always opt for the GynaGuard range.

Why GynaGuard?

GynaGuard has proactively formulated certain products to promote pH control, with Ultimate Intimate Wash and Essential Intimate Wash including probiotics. The GynaGuard Foam Bath products (which come as fragrance-free or lightly fragranced) also contain probiotics and are gentle enough to use in your daily hygiene routine.

GynaGuard‘s products have been categorized into three ranges for ease of use:

  1. Comfort Range: A gentle, go-to range for everyday feminine hygiene. (Products include: Essential Intimate Wash, Intimate Cleansing pH Bar, Intimate Comfort Gel, Daily Comfort Sensitive Wipes and Foam Bath (fragrance-free and lightly fragranced variants).
  2. Control Range: Focuses on restoring pH balance and soothing discomfort and irritations. (Products include: Ultimate Intimate Wash and Vaginal Capsules).
  3. Intimate Range: Enhances natural lubrication, soothes irritation and relieves dryness. (Products include: Lubricating Moisturising Gel).

Staying educated and keeping your vagina healthy is one of your biggest responsibilities. GynaGuard just makes it all a whole lot easier.



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