Time to swap your coffee for a good cup of tea

Carmien Tea

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Apr 13

I am the first to admit that I am much more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker. Well, that was until I came across Carmién Tea. As you drive the Piekenierskloof Pass, Carmién Tea is the gateway to the popular Cederberg region – a popular holiday and hiking destination, especially in times where travellers are looking for secluded spots to spend quality time with loved ones. It also forms part of the Rooibos Route.

Although Carmién Tea has an innovative and extensive range of herbal blends and flavoured Rooibos products, their most recent introduction is a range of cold brew teas. I believe this range has reintroduced me to the enjoyment of tea – especially Rooibos. It’s convenient, delicious and on-the-go and it fits in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of, they also have a lifestyle range that includes teaware and accessories, as well as limited edition Carmién-branded activewear!

Brand Responsibility

For Carmién Tea, it is important to offer a direct link from crop to cup to allow total food traceability while offering a superior organic tea.

The company is also a vehicle of empowerment, always aiming to provide sustainable jobs and broad-based wealth creation for the farm workers as an independent marketing company. Up to 4000 people (including family members) are direct beneficiaries of the company’s Rooibos sales and for every 100 tons of packed tea they do, an extra 10 jobs are created.

They also do various community projects, supporting communities working and living on the farms.

Behind the brand

The founder and now also Managing Director, Mientjie Mouton grew up on Bergendal farm with her twin sister, Carmen Niehaus (former food editor for You and Huisgenoot). The name, Carmién – which also means red – is a combination of their names. It is on Bergendal farm that they handle the whole process from harvesting and processing to the beautiful packaging.

For tourists

The Carmién Tea Shop is a popular tourist stop. It is located at the De Tol Farm Deli on the Piekeniers Pass, just off the N7. Here they offer pre-booked tastings and a video presentation of the farm’s tea story. A Rooibos tasting and pairing experience will cost you a mere R70 per person. Bookings are essential: 067 410 3315.

P.S. They also do gin tastings… 😉



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