The place to go if you are looking to buy new shoes

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Feb 02

I love buying new shoes. A pair of new shoes often makes the difference to an everyday outfit. But, you need to know where to buy in order to buy quality shoes. Freequency Footwear at Menlyn Maine Central Square in Pretoria is definitely the place to visit when you’re looking to buy new shoes.

I recently interviewed Jianny Kechriotis, Managing Director of Freequency Footwear at their shop in Menlyn Maine. Except for the very cool couch we sat on, I also tried on some of their super comfy and very funky shoes – all leather shoes of really good quality. The video was shot just as spring had sprung, so they might actually be getting in some new ranges soon – go have a look!

A very big thank you to everyone who made this video possible:

Venue and interview: Freequency Foorwear

Outfit: H&M Menlyn Park Shopping Centre

Video: 1988 Films



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