The Fashion Cube: If I were a Capetonian, this is where I’d be today

The Fashion Cube

By Renate Engelbrecht

Monday, Jan 10

In November last year, the Table Bay Mall launched The Fashion Cube, an exciting and unique 360m² fashion attraction which offers those of us who are keen on supporting local fashion brands, an array of South African shopping choices.

The space, which is the latest addition to Table Bay Mall’s Cube Collection and very similar to Joburg’s SOKO District at Rosebank Mall, boasts numerous local retailers with a wide offering of fashion and accessories, including leatherware, swimwear, knitwear, clothing for babies and children and more. Renowned brands like Leigh Schubert and Dr Pachanga are but two of the favourites to visit at the mall’s latest cube.

Accessories at The Fashion Cube
Accessories at The Fashion Cube. Image: Supplied

Support local at The Fashion Cube

Table Bay Mall’s centre manager, Rian Thompson says that the launch of the new local fashion space is an exciting development for them, confirming their commitment to helping small, local businesses grow and thrive.

“We’re extremely proud of this very special space,” he says. “Not only does it create a showcase for local retailers in the fashion space; because many of these retailers use local manufacturers in the making of their wares, The Fashion Cube is also playing a role in stimulating the local economy.”

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Local Fashion at The Fashion Cube
Local Fashion at The Fashion Cube. Image: Supplied

Sustainable fashion

The Fashion Cube offers consumers a host of original, diverse brands to choose from, all created with passion and pride by small business owners. For South Africans keen on moving away from the fast fashion scene and making more sustainable fashion choices, The Fashion Cube is heaven on earth. It is the first stop for consumers wanting to shop and wear local and for those who proudly support South African designers.

Design inspiration

Drawing inspiration from its marine setting, architect Bryce Henderson has added several references to the sea when it comes to the design of the fashion space. The ceiling, for example is reminiscent of the flow and motion of a coral reef – a clever effect created by suspending fabric drapes from the ceiling, which enhances the flow through the space. Lighting was also inspired by the ocean, taking a cue from a deep-sea fish, while the colour palette is yet another element which pays tribute to aquatic inspiration. The soothing, neutral colours, which are an echo of coral and other marine plant life, create the perfect backdrop for a space in which to shop.

The Fashion Cube
The Fashion Cube. Image: Supplied

Table Bay Mall also has a Food Cube and the Creative Cube and together the Cube Collection sets the stage for the mall’s involvement in supporting small, local businesses by providing a space where their offerings may take centre stage.


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