The animation, The Elfkins, a friendly reminder of helping others

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By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Dec 18

I’ve always been a fan of stories with lessons. Watching a movie and walking out without feeling touched, motivated or inspired feels like a total waste of time and money to me. The Elfkins, an exciting animation (and a story with a lesson) will be released in theatres on 25 December 2020 and it’s a movie dedicated to making a difference. Or is it baking a difference?

The story of the Elfkins is set in the heart of Cologne, Germany (one of my favourite European cities). It is based on the famous German legend of the Heinzels, gnomes who used to help humans with household chores. It is told that they were ousted by a tailor’s malevolent wife and that they had left for good.

The Elfkins have been hiding from the ‘ungrateful and mean’ humans ever since and have been living underground for over 200 years. That is until little Helvie – who just cannot take the restriction of their little world any longer – decides that it is time for a change. After struggling for too long to find a personal craft that she is good at, she is adamant to find a human who will teach her a craft and help her to find her true calling. She is after much needed individual fulfillment and gathers the confidence to head up to the earth’s surface to find a human who could change her fate once and for all.

She’s not alone, though. Kipp and Buck (Butz in German), her two companions, join her on the journey and make for some entertaining scenes. Upon their arrival on the surface, they stumble into a bakery where they meet a human pastry chef. He is initially a grumpy old man with no zest for life. As the story unfolds, Helvie and chef Theo become good friends while she and her companions try to help him and their friendship reminds her and the other Elfkins of their true purpose in life: helping others.

Targeted at viewers between the ages of 6 and 11 years, it is a fun movie to enjoy as a family. Over and above the general lesson of helping others, it also reminds the viewer of the importance of family and friends and being there for one another, even when things get tough. It touches on the nostalgia that certain childhood memories bring and the fact that you must never give up on chasing your dreams.

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