Tashas Lynnwood Bridge brings new flavour for the new season

tashas lynnwood bridge pretoria

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Aug 29

As winter heads to a close, the menu at tashas Lynnwood Bridge is bursting with flavour and there are various options for you to try out as you celebrate the changing seasons.

Designed around simplicity and warmth with a modern touch, the Pretoria-based restaurant has positioned itself as the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, in-between snack and early dinner spot. The signature menu is bursting with flavours and spices inspired by Morocco. No wonder it’s become a firm favourite for every season.

Sasha Pieterse, Head Chef for Tashas Group South Africa shares the scoop on some of the favourite dishes currently being served. “Every dish served at tashas Lynnwood is made to order, using only the freshest ingredients, and for Lynnwood Bridge we took this even further by creating a lot of our own sauces, jams and spice rubs for the menu.”

spring at tashas

As with all of the tashas locations, tashas Lynnwood Bridge has two menus. The Classic menu features favourite dishes from all tashas cafes, and the Inspired By menu is particular to the store’s location.

Sashas’s top picks from the Classic menu include the tashas Comfort Quinoa Bowl. It’s a warm bowl of quinoa, sauteed mushrooms, Napoletana sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, herbs, egg and crispy chili mushrooms. If it’s later in the day, she recommends the Lemon Chicken with rice, lemon butter and oregano sauce, or Savva’s Chicken Pasta with freshly grilled chicken strips, mushrooms, chives, garlic and cream.

flatbread tashas lynnwood bridge pretoria

From the Inspired By menu, her endorsement goes to the Homemade Breakfast Flatbread. This delectable creation boasts a generous helping of cheese, baked to a sumptuous golden hue, then crowned with crispy bacon, a perfectly fried egg and a creamy lemon sauce. Alternatively, for those who crave breakfast at any hour, the All-day Breakfast is a must-try. Featuring traditional boerewors, grilled mushrooms, a tomato chimichurri salsa, fried eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, caramelized onion and a garlic cheese bun, it promises a symphony of morning delights. Let’s not forget the irresistible Lynnwood Double Cheeseburger! Seasoned with a homemade Ras-al Hanout spice rub and flavoured further with pickles and caramelized onion, this burger is one of the bests you’re bound to have in Pretoria.

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tashas lynnwood bridge restaurant breakfast pana cotta

Concluding your dining experience with something sweet? Opt for tashas’ Hot Chocolate, adorned with fluffy marshmallows. This comforting treat is expertly concocted by blending two spoons of Nutella with steaming milk, complemented by a side of marshmallows. For an additional layer of coziness, consider infusing it with a splash of Amarula.

Located at the Lynnwood Bridge Shopping Centre, a hub of exclusive boutiques, entertainment and dining options, tashas is conveniently close to the N1 highway.

Franchise owner, Panayiotis ‘Panos’ Sadoucas – a well-known figure in Pretoria’s restaurant scene – confirmed that tashas Lynnwood Bridge is extending its operating hours. It welcomes guests from Mondays to Saturdays from 07:30 to 18:00, and on Sundays from 07:30 to 17:00.


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