Sugaring versus waxing: What you need to know

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Dec 10

A couple of years ago, I went for a sugar treatment instead of my normal waxing routine and I was immediately converted. After moving, I searched long and hard, but could not find anyone who did sugaring as an alternative to waxing and had to go back to waxing. That is until I found Hairvolution. Today, it seems that the sugaring trend is picking up again, with numerous salons and beauty experts offering sugaring in addition to waxing on their treatment menus. It certainly looks like sugaring is making a comeback. In the end, it’s all about personal preference, but for me sugaring is not only less painful, it also causes less ingrown hair.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a treatment that uses a combination of sugar, lemon and hot water to remove unwanted hair from the root without pulling at the skin.

Sugaring or waxing?

Let’s draw a quick comparison between sugaring and waxing:

  • The sugaring paste is made only from sugar, lemon and water. Wax has many chemical ingredients, including resins and preservatives.
  • Sugaring paste is applied at room temperature where you always stand a chance of burning or scarring your skin with wax, as it needs to be heated up to a very high temperature.
  • While wax needs certain chemical solvents to remove its residue from your skin, you’ll never feel sticky after a sugaring treatment.
  • Sugaring puts less strain on the skin with the paste being removed in the same direction your hair grows. With waxing, the follicles might break and cause ingrown hairs due to removal against the grain.
  • Sugaring is definitely also the more environmentally friendly option as there is much less wastage. Sugaring paste can be used repeatedly on different parts of your body, where wax pots, single strips and sticks create a lot of waste.
  • You can also use the sugaring paste on one spot more than once without causing damage to your skin, where you can’t always do that with waxing, as it adheres to live skin cells.
  • Sugaring does take a bit longer than waxing, but on the other hand, it’s less painful.
  • Hair removal with a sugar treatment lasts longer than with waxing. With waxing, I’ve experienced faster regrowth and it also causes follicle distortion.
  • After a sugaring treatment, my skin also feels much more comfortable and smooth than after waxing. Waxing often left my skin irritated for days.


Benefits of sugaring

  • It is super hygienic
  • It’s water soluble and there’s no stickiness
  • It’s all natural ingredients
  • There is less hair breakage due to application
  • It’s less painful as it does not stick to the skin
  • It’s applied at body temperature
  • It’s cost effective as a little goes a long way
  • It never dries
  • It will extract very short hair
  • It will lead to permanency

Well, there you have it. I am definitely a sugar fan!



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