POSDUIF ignites nostalgia with an upbeat, yet meaningful new album

Posduif Brandstigter Album Launch

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Apr 11

Ring the alarm! The SAMA-winning band, POSDUIF has just launched a new album, Brandstigter and it has the country on fire! I attended the album launch at Whisk Wine Bar in Centurion last week and well, their lyrics certainly lit a little fire within me too.

Written by James Boland and Nick Jordaan, Brandstigter is already making waves nationally. “It’s a Bonnie and Clyde tale of passion, young love and losing yourself in the moment of being in love,” says Boland. “It’s about that feeling you have when you meet someone who changes your whole world, that one person who ignites the fire within you.”

It’s a catchy, upbeat song with meaning. “If you’re in love or have ever been in love, or dream of a wild love hat makes you want to shout, if you know or want to know what it feels like to lose yourself in someone and break all the rules with them, then this song is for you,” Boland and Jordaan explain.

Renate Engelbrecht Suitcase & Chardonnay Posduif Brandstigter Launch

Brandstigter is also the title track of POSDUIF’s brand-new album, which was produced by Brendan Campbell. “The album is a combination of lively, energetic music that tells stories of great parties, wild love, passionate infatuation and a few missteps,” says Boland. “It’s all about late-night parties, all-night dancing, bonfires, friends and having a good time. We also touch on themes like caring, family, the heart’s deepest secrets and the love we have for our children. It’s nine songs that take you on a journey, and each one represents a different piece of the puzzle – you have to listen to them all to experience the full story.”

Most of the songs on the album was written by Boland and Jordaan, with input from the other band members. They have, however, also collaborated with Nate Woodman, Marc Brendan and Don Kelly (Lang Storie Kort).

POSDUIF was founded in 2018 and made their debut with the song called Brandy Special. They have since released several other hits and have been named Group of the Year and Song of the Year by Bok Radio. Their previous album, Niks Vergelyk, won the SAMA for Best Pop Album in 2022.

The group consists of lead singer and guitarist, James Boland; rhythm guitarist and singer, Nick Jordaan; bassist, Amiel Gopal; producer and lead guitarist, Brendan Campbell; and drummer, Nick McCreadie.

“We are so excited to be able to share this new album and our stories with our fans,” says Boland. “We are incredibly grateful that our music has been so well received so far and hope that people will enjoy the new album.”

You can watch the lyric video of Brandstigter here. The new POSDUIF album is also available on all streaming platforms. Find it here.

Brandstigter album Posduif

Album Launch Image Credit: ByEvanCaptures


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