Tips for packing with Covid-19 in mind

Packing hacks for travelling with Covid-19 in mind

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Jul 22

Whether it’s a staycation, a trip to the Maldives or a quick weekend away to a nearby destination, the way we go about packing for our travels has changed considerably as the risk of Covid-19 hovers over our heads.

Packing for the unpredictable

I’ve always enjoyed the fact that travelling always comes with a surprise factor. You never know exactly what to expect from a destination. Now, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, travelling is even more unpredictable and not always in a good way. From having to stay in the loop of red listed countries, their regulations and restrictions to being prepared for last-minute changes to itineraries – we need to be a little more flexible and openminded when we plan to travel. The Radisson Hotel Group’s Regional Director for Africa, William McIntyre says when you never know whether you will be confined to your room (due to either the cold weather or the pandemic), it is always a good idea to pack some books, magazines or audio books to keep you entertained. He also suggests packing some sheet masks to wear while soaking in the hotel’s bath. And, according to McIntyre, packing a board game or two when you’re travelling with kids might also be a good idea.

Pack for the unpredictable
Pack for the unpredictable during the pandemic. Image: Unsplash

If you are travelling for leisure, consider taking your laptop with for in case. You never know when stricter restrictions might have you locked down for another week and you might have to make use of the hotel’s generous WiFi to get some work done.

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Additional Amenities

As if we don’t have enough amenities to remember when packing, the list now also comes with travel-friendly Covid-19 related items like pocket-sized sanitisers and masks. Bringing more than one face mask along that you can rinse one out and wear the other, is the ideal if you’d like to help protect the environment by not using disposable masks.

Covid-19 adjusted packing amenities
Adjust your packing list for Covid-19. Image: Unsplash

Also remember to pack extra wet wipes and keep it handy in either your hand luggage on the plane or in the car. EF-Active has some great disinfectant wipes in their range. They also have a misty fogging spray that could come in handy during your travels, especially if you are staying over somewhere.

Travel documents to remember when packing

If you plan on travelling abroad, there are some additional travel documents that will be required, and it is recommended that you consult a travel expert like the Flight Centre Group with regards to the respective countries’ current restrictions and regulations. Most countries will at least require a negative PCR test. Others will also require you to quarantine. So, make sure that you pack all proof of you being Covid-19-free in addition to the usual passport and other documentation relevant to overseas travel.

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Add laundry bags to your packing list

Packing some bags to use as laundry bags for clothes that you’ve already warn on your trip is also not a bad idea. This will keep your warn clothes separate from your clean clothes, preventing possible contamination.

Foodie treats

The 2-hourly stops during our road trips have always been part of the journey for me, but amidst the pandemic the less stops you do, the better. So, keep it fun by packing your family’s favourite foodie treats for the car. Go back to the old days by packing a flask with coffee, rusks, fruit like apples and nectarines, nuts, snack bars and more.

Adjust your emergency kit for Covid-19

If you’re travelling by car, remember to pack an emergency kit with all the necessities. Be sure to add a thermometer to the kit, as well as all your immune boosting vitamins and any medicine you and your family are taking as preventative measure for Covid-19.

Keep it contactless

Go through your itinerary and consider where you will need to make payments and present flight tickets. Try to keep human contact to a minimum by having your flight tickets and itinerary on your phone instead of packing it in paper form. Also pay as much as you can via EFT beforehand and pack your bank card to tap for payments where needed.

Keep your travels contactless
Keep your travels as contactless as possible. Image: Unsplash


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