Oudtshoorn in two days


By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Feb 20

Every now and then, Wikus and I try to get away as just the two of us. To connect. To be. During our recent three-week-long holiday in the Garden Route, we had the privilege of escaping to Oudtshoorn for two days. Okay, we did not really escape. In fact, we missed the kids terribly. But, those two days were much needed and so welcome for us as a married couple.

The one part that I really appreciated about the trip to Oudtshoorn, was that none of it was for work. Where I am usually the trip planner and the one who basically dictates our itineraries, this time, it was all Wikus and I could just sit back and enjoy! I meet so many people who envy me for all the places I get to see and experience, but what they don’t always realise is that I often travel on my own, or with a group of strangers. I am away from my family – the ones I love most and the ones I really want to share all these adventures with. Plus, while I travel on these work trips, my head is constantly busy thinking of angles to write about and content to create. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but the recent two days in Oudtshoorn, where Wikus took charge of the itinerary, was a welcome change and – come to think of it – even perhaps a bit of a turn-on. 😉

So, here is a quick run-down of how we utilised our two days in Oudtshoorn. We made time for everything we love most – exploring, learning about the area, spending quality time together, reading and indulging in some of the finest Karoo cuisine and local wines.

Where to stay

We stayed at Mooiplaas Guesthouse and Spa, located close to the road not far from De Zeekoe Guest Farm (See the review here)

Of course, there are many other accommodation options in the area, but we always like to visit the farms in the area, as they give an authentic experience of the daily happenings in the region.

Read my review on Mooiplaas Guesthouse & Spa here.

Where to dine and drink

Mooiplaas Guesthouse & Spa offers a delightful breakfast, which is included in the stay. It comes in the form of a continental breakfast buffet, with a delicious selection of bread, fruit and cereals, as well as a warm buffet with your choice of eggs, bacon, sausages and more. (You can even request ostrich egg – which I would recommend you do the day before, as they need to prepare it well in advance. Fun fact: One ostrich egg can feed 24 people).

Mooiplaas Guesthouse and Spa

Jemima’s Restaurant

Located in town, Jemima’s Restaurant was our first stop for lunch and a wonderful welcome to Oudtshoorn. Read my full review here.

Pork Belly Jemima's Restaurant Oudtshoorn

Cango Caves

Combine your visit to the Cango Caves with lunch and enjoy a delicious pizza, paired with a glass of wine (or a beer) while overlooking the incredible scenery.

De Kombuys – The Marbled Wagyu Restaurant& Deli

En route back from the Cango Caves, there is also De Kombuys, where you can delve into a Wagyu steak, paired with their very own wine. Their Rosé is light and easy to drink – perfect for a scorching summer’s day in the Klein Karoo. (The also offer accommodation – yet another farm stay I’d love to try out!)

Karusa Wines

In Schoemanshoek, also on the way back from the Cango Caves toward Oudtshoorn, you’ll find Karusa Wines. We misjudged the ‘platteland’ business hours and could not visit them, but at least we got an incredibly scenic drive out of it.

What to see

Well, the Oudtshoorn area is renowned for its scenic Karoo views, so no matter where you’re staying or dining, there is always something to see.

Two things you can’t leave out of your itinerary, though are:

Cango Caves

While we weren’t very impressed with the tour and the educational aspect of it (no one even told us the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite), these caves are still worth witnessing. The sheer magnitude of the cave and the formations in it are mindboggling. Do yourself a favour and walk through the (mostly unattended) museum before or after your walk through the caves. Here, you will find all kinds of interesting facts that might have been omitted during the tour.

Cango Caves Oudtshoorn


An incredibly scenic drive between the Swartberg Mountains and one that anyone visiting South Africa should include on their bucket list. With its 25 drifts, this road (which initially started off as a farm road for the wool farmers in the Great Karoo) connects Klaarstroom and De Rust. There is a 60m-high waterfall and legend has it that its pool is bottomless. The Prince of Whales visited this pool (which is actually 9m deep) in 1925. Herrie’s Stone is another must-see along Meiringspoort. Herrie is the name of the fictitious elephant of the writer, C.J. Langenhoven. He carved the name onto the stone in July, 1929, and it was declared a national monument in 1975.


Other towns to pop into while in Oudtshoorn

Prince Albert

This town has a very rich history, dating back to early inhabitants from the Early Stone Age. The actual town was founded in 1842, and was initially called Albertsburg. From 1845, it was named after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. Prince Albert has many beautiful gable buildings, eighteen of which were built between 1840 and 1860. Things to keep an eye out for in Prince Albert include the Fransie Pienaar Museum (where you’ll also find Prince Albert’s speeches, signed by the Queen), the cheese factory, olive farms and the waterwheel.


The wool-washing factory in Klaarstroom remains a historical snap-shot of a Southern African Victorian Village. The area around Klaarstroom was where farmers used to wash their precious cargo of wool in the clear mountain streams.

De Rust

One of the most beautiful towns to drive though, De Rust was founded in 1900 and served mainly as a farming community. It boasts numerous arts and antique shops.


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