Nescafé Ricoffy inspires a greener lifestyle and more conscious purchasing

Nescafe Ricoffy

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Mar 16

2020 has given individuals and brands alike some time to rethink and refocus their way of doing when it comes to living a greener life and producing more sustainable products, eventually contributing to a circular economy. Nescafé Ricoffy has not just rethought and refocused, they have actually implemented these thoughts and now produce coffee from 100% responsibly sourced beans.

People are becoming more and more earth-kind and like Gen Z and many others, Nescafé Ricoffy has adopted and committed themselves to the responsibility of being true earth warriors and are continuously improving their coffee supply chain. Through their business model, they help farmers, farming communities and the planet and being one of South Africa’s most nostalgic and memorable brands, they are not only putting pressure on other brands to do the same, but also motivating consumers to purchase in good conscience. Nicole Roos, Business Executive Officer, Coffee & Beverages at Nestlé, South Africa, says:

“We are extremely proud that Nestlé knows where our ingredients come from and that they are produced in a way that minimizes negative impact and makes a positive contribution to individuals, communities and the planet.”

The Nescafé Plan was launched in 2010 and in quarter 3 of 2020, they managed to reach 100% Responsibly Sourced Coffee Beans – an incredible achievement. The announcement of this achievement forms part of Nestlé South Africa’s recently launched RE sustainability initiative: REthink, REduce and REpurpose. The initiative is aimed at reinforcing all its sustainability initiatives, strategies and resources to help mitigate sustainability challenges and strengthen its contribution to a waste-free future.

It is wonderful to know that there are brands fighting for a waste-free and more sustainable environment in South Africa. Brands have the ability to drive change and Nescafé Ricoffy is undoubtedly doing their part in contributing to a circular economy. In the end, it’s all about respecting the environment and the people around you and now Nescafé Ricoffy can proudly say that they use respectfully grown coffee beans that are 100% responsibly sourced. Pride and respect from farm to cup.



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