Leandie du Randt: Living life with gratitude

Leandie du Randt in pink

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Apr 19

When it comes to people who inspire, I am always drawn to those who focus on truly enjoying life despite its challenges. I recently got to sit down with South African actress, Leandie du Randt who is not only a personal inspiration when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to living life to the full.

Like many of us, Leandie has also had to face many hardships in her life, including the loss of her mother, having to deal with a bully in school, as well as going through a divorce. Yet, she always finds a way to work through the pain and to move on, with gratitude.

A mentally strong transition into winter

As summer fades and winter settles in, Leandie du Randt – like many of us – tends to feel a little low this time of year. Her secret to making the transition into the new season with a healthy mind, is to continue with her daily gratitude lists. “Every night before I go to sleep, I try to write down at least ten things I am grateful for. Ironically, there are always more than ten. So, I document that since it puts me in a good mind space, which is the mind space I will wake up in. I do this every day of my life, no matter the season.”

Winter and mental health
Image: Blyde Smit. Make up: Fafa Make Up

In addition to that, Leandie says this year, she would like to play more with the way she dresses during winter. She says you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not, but that by being creative with how you’re feeling might just help you ease into the winter season.

Grow out of your low with gratitude

“I’ve learned to work through it when I hit a low,” says Leandie. Yes, she also hits lows sometimes and although she doesn’t necessarily post about it every time, she has had to learn to deal with it like all of us. (She also shares some of the ways in which she deals with hitting a low in her book.)

“I learned – through my mother’s death, through my bully in school, through my divorce – how to get myself out of it, and that is with gratitude. “You can’t necessarily always be positive, but you can always be grateful… Amidst any crisis, there will always be something to be grateful for. When you focus on that, you will elevate yourself from a victim mentality into a victor mentality.” Leandie says that helps her to get through the hard times quicker. “The more you do this in your life, the more you apply it, the easier it gets. It’s a lifestyle.”

“You can cry; you can sit in it, and then move on,” the actress continues. She has also learned to not resist feelings of sadness, since “flow, it will flow.” She says you need to learn to let the emotions work through you, and then let it go.

Leandie du Randt living life with gratitude
Image: Blyde Smit. Make up: Fafa Make Up

Quick questions for Leandie du Randt

Home is… where her man, Stephan Neethling, her family and her friends are. It can be overseas, it can be in the Cape, wherever they are. “I am very, very serious about my friends and family, and obviously the love of my life. That’s the most treasured thing in my life – my relationships.”

Family is… a safe space for her to be herself. “The biggest gift my dad gave us, was to let my brother and I be ourselves. We have very different personalities, yet my father never tried to force anything on us.”

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Leandie du Randt’s Top 3s

Leandie and Stephan enjoy dining out and she says it makes them happy. It’s also a good way for them to spend quality time together and since they don’t have kids and it’s just the two of them, it’s often the more economic option. Her favourite dining spots for Pretoria and Cape Town include:

Pretoria Restaurants:

  • Double Dutch
  • The Tasting Room
  • The View

(Her favourite chain restaurant is tashas Lynnwood Bridge).

Cape Town restaurants:

  • The Lawns at Roundhouse
  • Sevruga
  • La Perla
Leandie du Randt dresses according to her mood
Image: Mandy Stander. Make Up: Fafa Make Up

Wine not?

After contracting Covid-19 during the pandemic, Leandie du Randt can’t taste the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinotage, hence she says red wine is out for now. She loves white wine, though. Her favourite drinks are:

  • D’Aria’s Wild Things (quite suitable, don’t you think?)
  • Shaken Margarita
  • Beer

Fashion forward

Being a Leo, Leandie says while she is generally a happy, joyful person 80% of the time, she has many moods. “I dress according to my moods. Some days I look like Billie Eilish – Tomboy. Other days I look like a ‘poppie.’ Sometimes I look like someone going through a crisis.” She also likes to dress according to the specific character she plays, as it helps her to prepare for the role.

In the end, Leandie’s biggest fashion tip is to dress according to how you feel that day. “Don’t try to be something you’re not. How do you deal with the emotions you’re going through? By accepting it; by going through it.” If you want to hide between your loungewear that day, do it. You need to feel comfortable.

Fashion forward with Leandie du Randt
Image: Blyde Smit. Make Up: Fafa Make Up

Local fashion brands:

  • Branch Lane Clothing
  • Me&B
  • MUZE

Other fashion brands:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Zoët

She also likes Hello Gorgeous Clothing, as well as Mr Price for the basics and Yaga for second-hand clothing.


Always on the move

Leandie’s dad calls her Leandie ‘Wielietjies’ du Randt and with good reason. If she’s not trying out the latest restaurant in town, she’s travelling and exploring the globe.  Her top three travel destinations include:

  • Cape Town
  • Abu Dabi
  • Mykonos, Greece

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