How to style your safari outfit

Safari style

By Renate Engelbrecht

Tuesday, Mar 07

There is a secret to looking chic on safari. Merely buying a chic-looking safari outfit is not it. It often lies in how you style the outfit, rather than just wearing it as is. Styling your safari outfits might also help you to pack less, while still having ample safari styles to choose from.

Carli Heystek from StyleCraft says styling your pieces will vary according to your personal style. While you can’t pack your whole wardrobe, you can pack in a smart way that gives you multiple outfits to mix and match.

By keeping your safari outfits classic and in the same hues, all your pieces will visually complement each other. Add a touch of styling and accessories to each look and you’re safari style will look chic every time.

Keep the balance

Proportions and visual breaks are important when putting an outfit together. A visual break can be anything from a high-waisted pant or colour blocking, to a belt. We often make the mistake of dividing our outfits into two equal halves, making shorter people appear unbalanced. A more balanced approach would be to divide the overall look into thirds instead. One third would be from the top to your waist and the other two thirds would be from your waist down.

Keep the balance in your safari style
Outfit: Milk & Honey. Image: Estilo Creative

Safari play suits and jumpsuits

Play suits or jumpsuits often work wonderfully, as they do half the work for you when it comes to putting together the perfect safari outfit. Especially if it has an interesting design like a tie, interesting neckline or buttons. Add a hat, some sunnies and a pair of vellies to your play suit and you’re set for safari! Depending on its length, adding wedges, statement jewellery and an up-do to your jumpsuit will elevate your look into dinner seamlessly.

play suits and jumpsuits for safari
Fun outfits from Milk & Honey. Images: Hanneri de Wet Photography

Belts for balance

According to Carli, belts are a great way to create harmony in your safari outfit. High-waisted shorts with a medium to thick belt will accentuate the waist and create visual interest.

Style your outfit with a belt
Dress and belt: Milk & Honey. Image: Hanneri de Wet Photography

Functional, but fashionable footwear

While I’m not really one for heels on safari, some might want to try it. The recommendation is to opt for heels with a sturdy base structure like a wedge or espadrille style. I’d much rather suggest some vellies or sandals, though. These can just as easily look fashionable and chic. You just have to style them with the right outfit.


Less is more

If the outfit has a lot of detail already, don’t add too much jewellery and accessories. Rather keep it simple and small – compliment the look with less, rather than more. If you’re sticking to neutral colours on safari, gold, silver and rose gold jewellery will work wonderfully. And, of course sunglasses and sunscreen are always a must-have accessory on safari!

Sunnies and a hat
Outfit: Milk & Honey. Image: Hanneri de Wet Photography


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