How to do denim fashionably

Denim trends 2023

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Mar 03

Old Khaki continues to drive hard to incorporate and establish more natural, water-wise and eco dye processes than ever before, and other brands go above and beyond to make denim what it’s never been before. That said, #DenimOnDenim is a trend to tap into this coming winter, for sure.

Denim pieces have always been a staple and has worked its way up and remained on top of most style shopping lists. It’s also proven to be a popular choice for many celebs these days, with many opting for denim on denim as a fashionable look. Just look at Dakota Johnson, who’s certainly got the #DenimOnDenim look down to a tee.

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Taking denim out of its comfort zone

Not too long ago the fashion brand, G-Star RAW collaborated with Stephen Jones Millenary, producing a limited edition of Haute Denim Headwear collection. Stephen Jones says: “Everybody around the world knows what denim is and what denim signifies. I took denim out of its comfort zone and made it what it wasn’t.” The limited collection includes a baseball cap and a bucket hat, inspired by original streetwear styles.

Whether you’re looking for a fashionable, fitted look or something more casual, denim can be dressed up or down and never disappoints. Plus, it comes in all kinds of fashionable and wearable items, from pants, skirts and playsuits to headbands and hats.

Denim headband

Old Khaki Denim for the win

Old Khaki Denim remains a hero category for the brand, with most of its range being sustainably sourced. They’ve also recently announced a renewed focus on sustainable processes. Continuing to support their sustainability efforts, Old Khaki has reintroduced Terra Dye – a natural dye derived from pigmented earths. No chemicals are added and it saves 50% of the energy and water used in conventional pigment dye processes.

Across some of Old Khaki’s bigger lines, the brand is introducing a new process dubbed the Eden Solution. This process eliminates the need to strip natural wax in cotton fibers using harsh chemicals. It therefore enables the use of less dye and produces clean, basically drinkable waste-water.

Horticulture is a key seasonal reference point when it comes to fashion and style. Old Khaki’s dress inspiration for their print directions across men, ladies and accessories is horticulture. The printed style pairs perfectly well with denim, creating an airy, yet strong look.

Tips for the best #DenimOnDenim look

  1. Opt for denim with the same shade. Two different coloured or washed denims might break the overall cohesiveness of your look, where keeping to one shade of denim will help draw the eye up and down your outfit, elongating your figure.
  2. Add pops of colour. Whether it’s with a horticulture-inspired headband from Old Khaki or red lips (I love Catrice’s Shine Bomb Lipstick, shade 090 Queen of Hearts), you’re bound to make heads turn. Denim is considered neutral after all, working with most other colours like any other neutrals would.
  3. Accessorise. If you’re fashion forward, why not add a denim purse, hat or shoes to your all denim outfit? Or, add some pretty earrings that will accentuate your denim on denim look.
  4. Play around with silhouettes, shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with denim. Follow Dakota Johnson’s cue with a long denim jacket, or be bold with an all-denim jumpsuit.


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