Homeopathic prophylaxes

By Renate Engelbrecht

Wednesday, Sep 16

In response to my recent blog post on medicinal vaccines, I thought you might find some information on homeopathic prophylaxes insightful too. This is no advocation for either type of treatment, but rather an informative take on the options out there.


What are homeopathic prophylaxes?

As with most things in life, there is always more than one option. Even though medicinal childhood vaccines are compulsory by law, as an individual you still have the right to refuse treatment. For a number of reasons, many people rather opt for homeopathic prophylaxes these days.

Homeopathic prophylaxes are not vaccines as you cannot test it for antibodies. Contemporary theories propose that they work on activating and deactivating gene expression, which is the level at which a cell can respond. It is therefore understood that homeopathic prophylaxes work on a sub-molecular basis.

Why do people opt for homeopathic prophylaxes?

• Adverse reactions or events related to medicinal vaccines
• Concerns about certain ingredients in medicinal vaccines
• Concerns about short- and long-term effects of medicinal vaccines like possible developmental implications
• Concerns about hypersensitivity and allergies related to medicinal vaccines
• Hear-say from other people who had bad experiences with medicinal vaccines

Does it really work?

Well, there is not as much research to show as with medicinal vaccines, but there is substantial evidence to show that it is a valid alternative, should you decide to refuse medicinal vaccines. According to my source, homeopathic prophylaxes are as effective as medicinal vaccines with a general efficiency rate of between 70% and 95%. Whether it ensures lifelong protection has yet to be established. The general understanding is that the protection lasts long. The term ‘lifelong’ might be a bit far stretched in any case, as even with medicinal vaccines, women who had been vaccinated for rubella still get tested for antibodies when they want to fall pregnant. No one can therefore say that homeopathic prophylaxes or medicinal vaccines really offer lifelong protection. My source’s eldest son received all the homeopathic prophylaxes and when he got measles, it lasted only 24 hours. No treatment – homeopathic or medicinal – can keep you from getting the disease. It just helps your body to cope better when infected.

Which diseases can homeopathic prophylaxes protect you from?

The same diseases that you get medicinally vaccinated for, including chickenpox. One major difference between medicinal vaccines and homeopathic prophylaxes is that homeopathic prophylaxes are never done in multiples and they are rather spread out over time. The reason for this is that they want to give the body time to respond to a single stimulus at a time. Still, the age aspect (as with medicinal vaccines) still plays a role. Mild homeopathic prophylaxes are given in the first year and only in the second year of a baby’s life do they do the full immunisation. It is possible to delay these treatments and only do them in the second year, but it is recommended that you start in the first year to protect your baby to the best of your ability.

Why is there not more research on homeopathic prophylaxes?

No idea! But, from where I’m standing it seems that much of the research done is shot down by medical journals that refuse to publish findings like with the research done on the Cuban homeopathic leptospirosis trial.

Are homeopathic prophylaxes a good alternative to medicinal vaccines?

That, you need to decide for yourself. Each case gets weighed on its own merits and for children with underlying illnesses like cancer, who can’t be medicinally vaccinated, homeopathic prophylaxes seem to be a good alternative.




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