Give this mom a Merc


By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Sep 16

When you think ‘family car,’ what are the first things that come to mind? For me, it’s comfort and lots and lots of space. Oh, and leather seats that can easily be wiped off, plus a radio that can do almost everything – from integrating with my phone and playing ‘Liewe Heksie’ via Spotify, to offering navigation for this mama who often doesn’t know her North from her South. There really is a lot that goes into a family car (for me at least) and one vehicle that ticks all the boxes, is the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250.

Driving a Mercedes-Benz

I’ve always dreamed of driving a Mercedes-Benz. My dad drove a Merc when I was little, and I have been wanting to buy myself a Merc ever since. While it might be on the expensive side, it’s still a dream for me and I do believe that those who don’t dream, don’t plan and eventually don’t achieve. I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 and what a wonderful experience. Without going into too much detail about all the specs and add-ons, here is why I liked driving this SUV.

Give this mom a Mercedes-Benz

Fit for families

Apart from the fact that it is probably one of the most comfortable drives, I found the GLB 250 to be very easy to get used to. The steering is simple, as is navigating the impressive and colourful dashboard (which can actually be customised to your mood). I never felt uncomfortable while driving this vehicle, even while driving the kids around, and with its brilliant cameras, it was easy to park, reverse and fit it into spaces like our (always too full) garage.

What I liked most about the GLB 250, is the fact that it s fit for our family of four. The test car was kitted with all the add-ons one could think about (which obviously come at an additional cost, but are so worth it). The leather seats were a wonderful draw card, considering the fact that our toddlers can be quite messy in a car and this would make cleaning a lot easier. Just a quick wipe, and your good to go. Furthermore, I got quite accustomed to the dashboard and its easy navigation – especially when it came to integrating it with my phone via Bluetooth. It was mere seconds and my contacts, music and maps were all displayed on the vehicle’s screen and I was able to navigate my phone with a scroll and a click from the Merc’s touch pad.

The kids had a blast in this car. Even the sunroof ensured some excitement, with them calling it ‘Liewe Heksie se sterretjieskombuis’ (Liewe Heksie’s starry kitchen) as they could look up and see the stars through the roof.

Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 boot space

The boot space is also surprisingly large and ideal for a family weekend away without the hassle of having to pack and pull a trailer. But, the option is also there to use some of the boot space for an additional two back seats, making it a seven-seater SUV. Versatile and very, very comfy.

Mercedes-Benz GLB250 – an all-rounder

In the end, the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 also proved to be quite the all-rounder. It’s a comfortable city vehicle, allowing for easy short distance driving between the kids’ schools, shopping and running errands. But, it is also a wonderful vehicle for road trips or picnic outings. It’s the kind of vehicle I’d like to drive down to the Cape, stopping at various beautiful places along the way.

See some of our favourite travel destinations here.

Mercedes-Benz fit for families

For me, it’s an easy yes, because when my family are comfortable and happy, I am too. So, I guess in my next blog post I will need to elaborate on how I plan to start saving for my Merc…

A Mercedes-Benz for mom


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