Igniting my fitness

Igniting my fitness with Ignite Fitness

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Sep 02

Okay, so here’s the thing. I am a mom of two. My daughter is four and my son is two. While I’ve constantly been telling myself that they keep me fit (as I run after them constantly), it’s not enough. That’s why there is no better time to embark on a fitness journey than right now.

I am a keen jogger and I can do 5km, but at my own (not so competitive) pace. While some might describe me as relatively fit, I never felt I had been pushing myself hard enough. In fact, I mainly jog to get out and clear my head.

I wouldn’t say I am unfit, though. But, at some point I just felt like I wanted to (and had to) push myself a little harder.

Ultimately, I want to feel comfortable in my bikini, which I don’t. I want to have more patience and feel less tired. I want to think clearer and learn to include exercise in my daily routine. And, eventually I want to be able to walk into Ignite Fitness Menlyn without feeling intimidated by the abundance of equipment. I want to walk in and feel empowered.

Embarking on a fitness journey

I’ve embarked on a fitness journey with Ignite Fitness recently. It kicked off during the last week of July this year (2022). And, although I can’t see much change yet, I can feel it.

I feel as if I can manage myself better already – emotionally and physically. I find that when my patience is running low, I pause more easily and count to ten. Two weeks ago, I realised that my body was actually asking for exercise and now, if I don’t exercise at least every two days, I miss it. I’ve come into the routine already – a small win, which is actually kind of big.

Keeping track of my personal progress

For my fitness journey, I will be keeping track of a couple of things:

  • The amount of one-on-one gym sessions with my personal trainer, Reuben Matlau.
  • What and how I eat. (You know me… I love wine and fresh croissants. So happy that summer is around the corner – at least we can experiment with some super salads then).

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  • Changes in my weight.
  • Changes in my body’s appearance (toning).
  • Changes in how I manage my emotions.
  • Changes in how I manage my patience.
  • Changes in my energy levels and my overall zest for life.

I will also share my 6-month fitness journey on Instagram, using the hashtags #MomBodToHotBod #MomsFitnessJourney, so feel free to stay tuned!


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