Disney’s Encanto brings much more than festive cheer

Disney Encanto

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Nov 26

On Wednesday, we took our daughter, Catha to watch her very first official movie and there’s no better movie for that than Disney’s Encanto, which has just been launched in cinemas countrywide.

Catha sat on the edge of her seat the whole hour and 49 minutes, with heaps of magical moments that took our almost 4-year-old’s imagination on a fantastic adventure.

Revolving around the Madrigal family, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, the storyline focuses a lot on a young girl named Mirabel, who learns many important life lessons along the way. The Madrigals live in a magical house, which they call the Encanto – a wondrous place that has blessed each family member with a unique gift. Mirabel’s mother has the gift of healing, her one sister the gift of strength and so the list goes on.

But, Mirabel has to live with a burden often too heavy to carry – she is the only one in the family who did not get a gift. Or that is what everyone thinks. In the end, she is the gift that the Madrigals so desperately needs as she brings the family together again.

Encanto is a movie filled with incredible animation, beautiful scenes and characters and lessons for both adults and kids. It serves as a gentle, but urgent reminder of the importance of family and how forgiveness can be the one thing that makes the family candle burn brighter.

As with all movies, Encanto also has its antagonist. What I enjoyed most about Encanto’s antagonist, was that his hurts and hang-ups were brought to light, misunderstandings between him and the Madrigal family were straightened out and, in the end, he was welcomed back into the family as if he’d never been away. It brought everything full circle. It also made me feel at ease with regards to Catha’s reaction to the movie, as she is a rather sensitive soul and I never know how big an impact a storyline’s antagonist would have on her as a little, innocent girl who hasn’t watched much television for the first three years of her life.  

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Encanto is the perfect musical animation to watch together as a family. It brings laughter and tears, it opens up a brand-new world of imagination and it shares life lessons that are relevant to both children and parents.


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