Celebrating Confident Femininity at Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey Store Relaunch

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Jun 20

Following the official relaunch of the popular Southdowns-based Milk and Honey fashion store, which took place on Tuesday, 18 June 2024, one thing is certain: Combining confidence with the gentleness that comes with femininity results in meaningful fashion that encourages you to step into your own.

The store has taken on a whole new look, with owner, Angelique Janse van Rensburg confirming that it also comes with a variety of new ranges. With a mixture of local and international brands, Milk & Honey is now the proud stockist of some Italian brands you won’t find anywhere else in South Africa. As I strolled along the isles, bubbly in hand, it was evident that much thought had gone into the new store and what Milk & Honey’s customers’ needs are when it comes to fashion.

Milk and Honey shop

Angelique and her husband, Schalk have recently also become the owners of the SOEK sunglass brand, with a wide variety available to fit in-store. That is in addition to various stunning accessories – from earrings and rings to real leather handbags and stunning scarves that are sure to turn heads.

SOEK sunglasses Milk and Honey

The isles have been beautifully planned, with matching colours and textures drawing the eye. In the middle of the store, you will also find a table filled with newly acquired products, including items from Africology and more.

Fitting Milk and Honey

Of course, I couldn’t resist fitting a few fashion items myself – especially with expert stylist, Madeleine Rossouw from Curated Style SA in the house. Seeing that we were soon leaving for the Knysna Oyster Festival, I felt festive and popped on a black suit dress with some flat boots and a trendy, torn denim jacket. The thing about shopping in-store is that you get to feel the textiles the items are made from and see how it fits your frame. While this dress was a small, it still felt a little too big to my liking, so Madeleine suggested a blue and white, satin-like floral dress, with sneakers and a funky leather jacket with metallic detail. It was such fun exploring the different options and outfits in-store.

Fitting Milk and Honey Dress Southdowns

What I loved about the new look and feel of the store, was that there were items for any and every occasion – from casual looks to semi-formal outfits. From what I could see in the shop, it was also clear that much research has gone into current styles and trends, with many flamboyantly sleeved dresses and shirts, as well as elegant quiet luxury items to complete your capsule wardrobe with. The variety at Milk & Honey allows you to play around with various colours, styles and textures – sometimes resulting in a rather surprising new look you never even considered wearing.

All in all, it’s a fashion store to get lost in. Explore gentle, feminine styles, but also bold and stately fashion pieces, and find your confidence in fashion looks that might surprise you.


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