Celebrating the Month of Wine

Celebrating the month of wine

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Feb 16

Valentine’s Day might be over, but for some the month of love continues right up until the 28th. While I don’t necessarily share that sentiment, I do celebrate the month of February for another reason and a very good reason at that! It’s the month of wine!

Did you know that February marks the birthday of the South African wine industry? Yup, wine was made from Cape grapes for the very first time on 2 February 1659, which means this year our beloved wine industry is 364 years old!

This occasion is celebrated annually with an awards ceremony which recognises and gives thanks to those who go above and beyond to make a success of the South African wine industry – something we can truly be proud of today. The year’s harvest is also traditionally blessed at this same event.


While this prestigious event is quite a big annual climax, the celebration of wine and the wine industry does not stop there. No, February (and the rest of the year for that matter) is filled with wine-related celebrations. Here are but some of the wine days to celebrate in 2023, starting with the month of wine:

1 February: International Furmint Day

2 February: Happy Birthday to South African Wine!

16 February: International Syrah Day

18 February: Global Drink Wine Day

25 February: Open That Bottle Night

South African wine

Also, some wine-related days for January and the rest of the year:

10 January: Champagne and French Fries Day (started by Unraveling Wine)

3 March: Mulled Wine Day

13 March: International Riesling Day

14 April: Tannat Day

17 April: Malbec World Day

27 April: World Marselan Day

28 April: International Viognier Day (celebrated on the last Friday of April every year)

5 May: International Sauvignon Blanc Day (celebrated on the first Friday of May each year)

9 May: World Moscato Day

16 May: International Ezerjó Day

17 May: Pinot Grigio Day

25 May: International Chardonnay Day (celebrated on the Thursday before the U.S. Memorial Day every year)

Stellenzicht chardonnay

16 June: International Drink Chenin Blanc Day (celebrated on the third weekend of June annually)

21 June: World Lambrusco Day

23 June: International Rosé Day (celebrated on the fourth Friday of June every year)

1 – 31 July: Dry July (opt for alcohol-free wines

12 July: International Cava Day

27 July: Shiraz Day (celebrated on the fourth Thursday of July annually)

1 August: Old Vine Day

1 August: International Albariño Day

18 August: International Pinot Noir Day

30 August: International Cabernet Day (some also celebrate this day on the Thursday before the U.S. Labour Day every year)

Cap Classique

1 September: International Cap Classique Day

9 September: International Box Wine Day

10 September: International Port Wine Day

15 September: International Grenache Day (this day is celebrated on the third Friday in September every year)

5 October: Vranec World Day

14 October: International Pinotage Day (celebrated on the second Saturday of October each year)

14 October: International Prokupac Day

26 October: International Mavrud Day

27 October: Champagne Day (celebrated on the fourth Friday of October each year)


1 November: International Xinomavro Day

7 November: International Merlot Day

9 November: International Tempranillo Day (celebrated on the second Thursday of November every year)

24 November: International Carmenère Day

1 December: International Maratheftiko Day

4 December: Cabernet Franc Day

10 December: International Tokaj Aszú Day

20 December: Sangria Day

There are various reasons for us to celebrate South Africa’s outstanding wines and to give thought to those who work so hard at producing some of the finest wines in the world. Let’s celebrate this special product and its makers all year round!


  1. Ilse Zietsman

    Love all the wine celebration days. I’ve now entered my favourites into my diary and I plan to make an occasion of it each time. Cheers!

    • Renate Engelbrecht

      Wonderful! I will be celebrating with you all the way. Cheers!


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