A twist to the traditional Charcuterie Board

Breakfast Charcuterie Board

By Renate Engelbrecht

Thursday, Jul 29

Who said charcuterie boards are only for sundowners? Why can’t you be creative and have a breakfast charcuterie board instead? Or a dessert charcuterie board for that matter…

The word ‘Charcuterie’ was derived from the french words ‘chair’ (flesh) and ‘cuit’ (cooked) and the term was used to describe 15th century shops in France where products made from pork was sold. Charcuterie is rooted in the belief that nothing from an animal should be wasted. Today, though, we know charcuterie boards as platters loaded with cured meat and cheeses, coupled with luxurious nibbles like freshly baked bread, roasted nuts, fresh and dried fruit, clever condiments, luxurious olives and pickles. It has become rather predictable and almost every restaurant offers these boards with pretty much the same kind of products displayed every time. I therefore decided to give it a bit of a twist with the help of Chef Tristan Latouf from the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton.

According to Pinterest, fancy boards are predicted to become the new avo on toast, and why not? I mean, the world has been turned upside down, so why can’t we give the traditional charcuterie board some new life? On its business page, Pinterest states that Millennials and Generation Z think much bigger than salami and crackers and that charcuterie creativity is one thing the food industry should tap into sooner than later. This seems to be the one main thing to consider when you start planning your menus for Spring.

Tip for restaurateurs: Think charcuterie with candy, breakfast spreads and taco boards and do some research on dessert charcuterie boards, fruit charcuterie boards and even Mexican charcuterie boards.

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Grilled pineapple
Grilled pineapple on Chef Tristan Latouf’s breakfast charcuterie board. Image: Renate Engelbrecht

With that in mind, here is a look at what the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton’s Chef Tristan Latouf came up with for a breakfast charcuterie board. I was amazed at the offering and of course, the view also added to the charm of it all. While we were shooting this board, guests came round, taking snapshots of it too – clearly impressed by the unique offering which made me realise that Pinterest’s predictions might just be spot on.

Chef Tristan’s breakfast charcuterie board consisted of various breakfast-inspired bits and bites, from fresh strawberries and whole pears to divine freshly baked pastries, waffles and Nutella, as well as mackerel and cream cheese. Not to mention the cured meats, orange slices and bread sticks that brought some lovely textures to the board.

Breakfast Charcuterie Board with a view of The Marc
Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton’s breakfast charcuterie board with The Marc as view. Image: Renate Engelbrecht

The secret to a unique charcuterie board – one that doesn’t come with the usual salami and crackers – is to be creative and to let your foodie instincts guide you. Also, coupling it with the right wine (or rather a lovely Deetlefs bubbly for the breakfast charcuterie option) might even make it more special.

Why be the norm when you were born to stand out? If there is one thing I learned from Covid-19 and lockdown, it is to live life to the fullest and why not start with a twist to the traditional charcuterie board?

Freshly baked pastries
Freshly baked pastries for a breakfast charcuterie board at Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton. Image: Renate Engelbrecht



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