Boer Soek ‘n Vrou: You’ve got mail, and guess who got the most…

Five Boer Soek n Vrou farmers

By Renate Engelbrecht

Friday, Jan 27

Last night saw Marciel Hopkins deliver all the Boer Soek ‘n Vrou farmers’ letters to them and while some can now take their time and contact the women who wrote to them on their own, some have been summoned to choose ten women they’d like to meet down in Cape Town in the next episode of this exciting 15th season. The challenge: Choose them within 24 hours!


This might be easier for some of the farmers than for others – with the farmer who got the most letters definitely being in over his head!

Farmer, Louis M

When Marciel arrived with his letters, the nerves were evident. He was wearing one yellow and one green Croc as he welcomed her back on the farm – quite a sight, especially on a farmer from Limpopo!

His bag of letters included a cute buffalo soft toy which came in a box, many letters and photos of the girls who would like to meet him. Louis M’s brother, Jimie and his friend, Theo jumped in and helped him work through the gifts and letters.

Louis M Boer Soek n Vrou

Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’s very own David (in Goliath’s looks)

This farmer certainly drew attention, being that tall and all. One admirer even drew a portrait of him and included that in her letter to him. His letter bag came with huge huge gift boxes. There was even one that included a recipe with all the required ingredients with a recipe, the sender saying that to her, David might be as big as Goliath but he seems to have the heart of the Biblical David. The farmer was surprised when the Boer Soek ‘n Vrou team came in and dropped yet another two bags of letters off.

David’s sister and his brother-in-law came to the rescue to help sieve through his admirers’ letters.

Philru from the Free State

Philru was childishly excited as Marciel arrived with his letters. He loves presents and lucky for him, the women who would love to meet him clearly love giving them. He will soon get to meet ten of his chosen admirers in Cape Town and while he says he’s not big on wine, he is going to prepare himself to get wined and dined.

As he opened one letter after the other, it was giggles all over the show. He asked his friends, Crause and Lloyd to work through the letters with him.

Philru Boer Soek n Vrou

Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’s witty Kotie

Kotie was full of jokes, once again as he opened his letters, which included a box marked Kotie se kissie. There was also a little box with a ring in it, stating that it’s for his eyes only.

The farmer can now go through all the letters in his own time. His friend, Lebo (who entered him for the 15th season of Boer Soek ‘n Vrou, says he just wants Kotie to meet someone special with whom he can share all his many jokes.

Farmer, Hennie

Hennie’s hands were shaking as he opened his letters. One letter even included some John Deere-themed socks.
He will also be going through to the Cape and journey through the 15th season with four other farmers, which means he had to get in some help from his friends, HW and Jean.



Farmer, Rampie blushed as Marciel read one of the letters aloud. In addition to this admirer’s letter, which states that he would be allowed to pinch her bum, he also got a box filled with Rampie’s Lowveld Snacks. Should he choose to meet an English girl (yes, he got English letters too) he might have to brush up on his English since it’s said to consist only of the words ‘yes’ and ‘not yes’.

Chérie – Boer Soek ‘n Vrou’s female farmer

The only female farmer of the season, Chérie was super excited when Marciel arrived with her bag of letters. She could barely keep the giggles at bay! Braam caught her eye, especially on the photos where he did not have a beard. “Less is more” she said. While she won’t be joining the farmers in the Cape, she will now contact each of her admirers at her own pace, similarly to how she packed her prayer path. Riaan might be first on her list after she got to give him a quick phone call on air.

Chérie’s neighbour friends – one from the farm and one from Pretoria – helped her work through the letters with one friend keeping things light as she literally read one of the letters in one breath! So funny.

Farmer, Riaan

Riaan was gifted as a wooden spoon – a symbol of his admirer’s dream of spending some quality time with him, cooking together. He will not be going through to the next step of meeting ten of his admirers in Cape Town, but is exciting to contact and meet them all in his own time.

Famous Francois

Farmer Francois – veteran of the season – has certainly impressed the ladies with his gentle demeanor. In fact, he will need to be quick about renovating his home, since he will be going to Cape Town to meet the ten ladies he chooses to get to know better. In addition to the first bag Marciel took out of the car, he got three more bags of letters and gifts to work through. The shower of letters – some even hand written – left him quite emotional. Emile and Leighan, his friends entered him for this season and are super excited with him. They’ve also been summoned to help select the ideal ten women for him to meet.


Louis B

The first letter for Louis B had me laughing out loud! He got numerous gifts and seemed to be very impressed. He even got a Boer Cola (like those Steve Hofmeyr often promotes) and Geelslang Biltong, which we all hope is not really what the name says it is…

Louis B was completely taken aback and touched his cheeks as he looked at the letters in front of him. Marciel asked what was wrong, and he merely explained that he was getting warm!

More bags kept coming and he got goosebumps as Marciel told him that he was the farmer who got the most letters of the season! I silently predicted that… Mr trendy with his mustache!

Louis B

Well, now we wait and see whom the farmers choose to meet. ‘Til next week.

Watch Boer Soek ‘n Vrou on kykNET (DStv channel 144) on Thursdays at 20:00.


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